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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Charity Shop Vintage Christmas

Things that make me go Eeeeep!
I think I actually did go Eeep! when I saw these cute vintage Christmas baubles in my local charity shop this week; £1.50 for 6 little balls of Christmas spirit, can't be bad.  

I just need to add some fine gold ribbon to hang them and Bob's your auntie's live- in lover.  I'd like to thank my lovely new daughter-in-law for introducing me to the word Eeeep!  

I really had Christmas on my mind when I found this Woods Ivory Ware china in my local and unbelievably, I went home to think about it over night!  I was there bright and early the next morning, praying that no-one else had snaffled them.  There were approximately 25 pieces of this china in superb condition, including lots of plates in various sizes, two serving dishes with lids, a platter and a jug.  The pastel green and white is set off beautifully by the little stars and rim; I believe this set is from the 1950's although it has a definite Art Deco feel to it.  I can see this dinner service on my Christmas table against a back drop of a crisp white table cloth and the best silver (we don't have any actual silver, but you know what I mean!).

 I shall have a few kitschy little visitors nestling among the candles and condiments on my Christmas Day table; I like deer ornaments and this little family were 50p and needed a home (and a clean).  If you look closely, you'll notice that whoever painted the eyes got a bit over excited with the eye liner and perhaps 'should have gone to Specssavers!'.  Just a bit of cheap 'made in china' stuff, but they can sit prettily next to the cranberry sauce.  

What's made you go Eeep! this week?  

Cheerio from Saucy Towers.  Galx



  1. This post made me go eeep! Those baubles are amazing!!! So beautiful. I love the little deer too xxx

  2. beautiful things for Christmas xx

  3. Those baubles are stunning - and what a bargain price you picked them up for.... nice work!

  4. I love the ornaments...they will look beautiful hanging on the tree.

    Nice dinnerware and deer pieces too. I look forward to seeing your tablescape!

    I'm not "Eeeeping" at all this weekend...I've got a very sore throat and touch of a cold, I think. I'll let the doctor give me the news tomorrow.

    Have a great week!

  5. Such good finds! The deers are so cute! Laura x

  6. Now those are really goods find :0) well done you!


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