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About Me

I'm mum to 5 children between the ages of 10 - 31.  I know, I don't look old enough that haggard, but actually I am.   My secrets to looking and feeling young (well, having the mental age of a somewhat creased, myopic 29 year old) are gin and a nice soft filter.

I'm curious about life and get a kick out of finding new and interesting stuff  - particularly new crafty stuff - I like to read all about new crafts, get the books, get the t-shirts, get the equipment, and then forget all about it and move on to the next new craft.  Yeh, I'm fickle but I'm enthusiastic about most crafty nonsense - particularly fabric - you should see the size of my stash, baby.

I love old stuff - we call it vintage now, darling, which makes it all sound terribly trendy and desirable. I have a big thing for vintage linen, barkcloth fabric and china; love Dotty Angel and that granny chic vibe.   My dream date is tea with Joan Hickson as Miss Marple, on the lawn of the vicarage in St Mary Mead. Sigh

I'm a bit of a culture vulture and love most art forms, but in particular I adore going to the theatre with my teenage drama-teen.  Ok, I'll admit to being a total luvvie and few things make me happier than treading the boards with my local am dram society.  You can read all about my exploits on my blog, My Am Dram Life 

And finally, I'm a wannabe writer and lover of books; all the books, but particularly short story collections by marvellous people. 

So, we'll be talking some crafty gubbins and vintage whatnot on the blog, together with a healthy smattering of utter drivel. 

I'm sorry, I've waffled on for bleedin' ages; I'll shut up now.



PS  Oh yeh, GAL stand for Giddy Aunt Lola, which is my granny alter ego, but I am otherwise known as Sharon or Sh'mum.

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