Monday, 11 July 2016

Baking with Fred and a Reversible Toddler Apron

Remember my Chalkboard fabric bunting post a few weeks ago?  Well, as promised I have another make using the super chalkboard fabric; a reversible toddler apron!  One side of the apron is the amazing chalkboard fabric and the other side is a regular strong cotton fabric.  I had the most adorable model in the form of young Fred who looks really cute in his apron, minus his trousers but still wearing his black socks!  Clearly gets his fashion sense from his father...

The great thing about this apron is that the chalkboard side can easily be wiped down. I  like the idea that the chalkboard fabric side could be used for messy play activities and the reverse cotton side could be used for meal times.

There is the added bonus that your small person can write/scribble/decorate the chalkboard fabric side for added fun. 

Don't you just love Freds' little cooker?! So, so cute.  I think there may have been some scoffing of the cake mix and icing going on here but I love the look of concentration on his face whilst he's mixing.  Also, love the little black doggie helper, just waiting for a dollop of something to fall on the floor.

It was fairly easy to sew with, as before, but the difficult part is turning the apron through from wrong sides to right sides out.  |It needs a bit of force to pull it through and you need to be careful not to rip your stitching, but it seems to manage being man handled.  As long as you iron the cotton fabric side of the apron, you will get rid of any creases in the chalkboard fabric side. Don't iron on the chalkboard fabric directly, that would be a mistake-a-to-make-a.

Now I can't promise that it will survive everything that your small person throws at it without staining. If it's just a bit of food and dribble then I'm sure it will clean up well, but paint and glue might need a bit more of a scrub.  But that's no different from any other kids craft apron in my experience and I think this stuff is pretty tough.   

Thanks to Fred for being such a great model; I think he was paid in cupcakes! I'll try to show you how I made the reversible apron in a later post as I just wanted to focus on the lovely Fred for now.

Happy Monday!
TTFN. Galx

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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Making Dog Bandanas

So, I was trying to think what I could make to sell at Curly Girls school fete; something quick and easy that would make some funds for her school PTFA.

My current husband came up with the highly sensible suggestion of dog bandanas.  It's very easy to find free templates for dog bandanas and I started out with this one from Stitch Craft Create. It says to increase it by 200% but this seemed super big, like it would fit a horse. Anyway, there is just one pattern piece and you thread the lead through the top of the bandana, so no fiddly wrestling with your hound whilst you try to tie it.

I think it's fairly straight forward to resize according to the size of your dog (extra large for Mr Wilf and medium for Miss Looloo).  

And then I started searching Pinterest and found some adorable images for dog bandanas.  I love the tweedy country look of the little sausage dog bandana with the bone.

Of course they don't need bandanas but I know that whenever I see a dog in a bandana it makes me happy.

So, I have started making a few bandanas in different sizes, from a tiny Chihuahua sized bandana in pug dog fabric to a gorgeous Mr Wilf sized bandana in John Deere tractor fabric.  Actually, he could do with a bigger one as he is a huge chap.  He's very bashful and feels embarrassed if I try to take photo's of him, but we tried.  I wanted him to look like the lovely dog in the Pinterest photo above but this is what he actually looked like, all scruffy face fur and some yucky grolly hanging from his beard. Such a mucky pup but we love him.

  Miss Looloo is just plain skitty and behaved like I was trying to give her a worming tablet when I tried to get her to model for me.

Ok, last one from Pinterest; aw, look at the naughty or nice Christmas Pugs!!!  So cute.

I'll leave you with the pug dog fabric bandana and here's hoping that someone with a little pug will buy it at the school fete.

Hope you have a waggy tail weekend.

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