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Thursday, 15 May 2014

A Vintage Embroidered Garden

It's already a beautiful day here in the garden of England, although sadly I will be stuck to my pc all morning, bashing out an essay which is due in by lunchtime - arghhhhh!!!  Before I hit the books, I wanted to show you this beautiful piece of embroidery that I found in a charity shop a few weeks ago.  It was rather shrouded in a tatty old frame with dirty glass, but underneath was revealed this charming piece of vintage embroidery.    This quintessential English cottage garden scene is my favourite kind of garden; just out of view, a group of ladies are sitting drinking champagne tea and eating fat wedges of victoria sponge cake that is oozing with cream and fresh strawberries.  sighs.  

At some point I will get it reframed and hung up in my pit-of-vintage-tat dining room.   Of course, my garden doesn't actually look like this, although it is rather lovely in it's own way and full of birds and bees and Miss Looloo sunbathing on the lawn.

Right-o, enough of this displacement activity, I'm putting on my essay writing hat and nailing this bitch!  

TTFN. Galx


  1. I love this. This form of embroidery is the most beautiful. Best of luck with your essay though. I feel your pain.

  2. What a fab piece of embroidery.
    You should see my dining room, perhaps not!!!

  3. Gorgeous. Reminds me of the embroidery my Nana did as a child when evacuated to rural Wales from Liverpool during WWII. Got it in a frame carefully stored somewhere. Must find a wall to put it on. xXx

  4. What beautiful work - It definately deserves a frame and put where all can see. Hope you get the essay done in time.

  5. A gorgeous embroidery, so complicated. Wish I was 'just out of view' with those ladies enjoying their snack.

    Good luck with the essay!

  6. I have a lot of embroidery work, but nothing compared to this. Absolutely gorgeous.

  7. From the linky I was at, I thought they were real flowers at first glance. Very beautiful work! Please come share at the Anything Goes linky, if you have not already.


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