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Sunday, 17 November 2013

My First Bundt Cake

Sunday Afternoon Tease
Did anyone celebrate National Bundt Cake Day on 15th November?  I hadn't got a clue until yesterday when I was looking for a bundt cake recipe and realised that I had missed it by one day.  About a month ago, I picked up a little bundt tin for £3 at Lidl as it seemed good value and I fancied making one.  

I discovered a real gem of a blog with a whole load of bundt cake recipes called Dolly Bakes.  Rachel, who writes the blog, has a thing about bundt cakes and tins and has written a great post called Build-a-Bundt;  she gives the basic bundt cake recipe and takes you through how to prepare your tin and get the best results.

As I am a bundt cake newbie, I just made your basic, no mucking about, bundt batter with the addition of a touch of pink food colouring.  Even though I gave the tin a right good seeing to with butter and flour, I found that there were a couple of bits where the cake stuck and didn't turn out cleanly.  Nothing that a light dusting of snowy icing sugar couldn't disguise.  

It seems that Nordic Ware make the crème de la crème of bundt tins, that are built to last and come in some amazing designs.   The tins are quite pricey, so I shall stick to my little Lidl tin for the moment and perhaps pop the above tin on my Christmas list.  You should head on over to Dolly Bakes for a look at the amazing selection of bundt recipes in her post, Bundts on the Brain.  I have all sorts of ideas for filling the centre of the bundt, toppings, icings and flavourings.  

It's a dreary old day here in Kent but we had a very pretty sunset yesterday evening and a nice, if chilly, view from the kitchen back door.  

Have a bundtastic week!  Galx


  1. Looks amazing! £3 is a bargain xx

  2. I LOVE my Nordic Ware bundt pan. It is the fleur de is pattern and make a wonderful pound cake! Perfect baking through and through.

    Congratulations on your first bundt...I'm sure it won't be your last ;)

    1. Thanks Jeanna - I can't wait to get my first Nordicware! x

  3. I've never eaten bundt cake but it does look lovely :) It might be worth keeping a look out in TK Maxx for a tin, their tins are good quality and reasonable prices.

    1. It was a tasty little cake and I think TK Maxx is a brilliant place to look for a pan :)


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