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Thursday, 14 November 2013

An apple a day!

An apple a day
This week has seen me glued to my study books and pc as I struggled to complete an assignment for my Open University course.  I've had a break from studying since May and my brain has grown sluggish, so writing this essay has been a painfully slow business.  When I am writing an assignment I need lots of comfort food and buckets and buckets of tea to keep me going; not a good time to start a 5:2 diet then!

You may remember last week I told you about the Cameo Apple Diet and how I was going to use this as a base for my 2 fasting days, where I'm aiming to have a mere 500 calories a day.  My aim was to kick off on Monday, but my overwhelming need for toast and cake to fuel inspiration and motivation for my essay meant I took a rain check for a couple of days.  Above you can see my first fast day breakfast; porridge made with water and one lightly stewed apple.  The apples are really sweet so I didn't feel deprived of sugar but I am not a fan of porridge with water; there is something glue like about it!

To fuel my need for something spicy I used the base for the Cameo Apple main course and added 100 grams of tinned chick peas and some pinches of turmeric, cumin and coriander.  This was satisfying and yummy and I ate this at lunchtime to avoid having to try to cook something different whilst cooking for the rest of the family this evening.

I shall not be indulging in my usual evening tipple (sad face) but will sip a healthy but tasty Pukka tea instead.  My assignment has been sent and I can relax for a few days until the next one starts to loom.  I'll confess that I have been craving toast and I shall probably dream about it, but I'll live!

TTFN from Saucy Towers.  Galx

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  1. Wishing you lots of luck with this new diet. I'll have to say your lunch looks yummy.

    Congrats on getting your assignment complete :)


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