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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Damn You Mr Kipling!

Sunday Afternoon Tease
I confess that I am too hung over ill to bake today (or even eat, stand up and talk!).  Shame on me at my age.  Anyway, you may be shocked to hear that I do occasionally buy cakes from the supermarket; usually the cutesy little slices that come in individual snap packs from Mr Kipling.  

Even if we have a nice tray bake in the cake tin, the children would prefer to take a Mr Kipling slice in their school lunch box than one of mummy's flapjacks.  It's not about the fact that they taste any better than my cakes but more to do with the packaging I think.  They love the dinky little plastic boxes and they also particularly love the pretty coloured angel slices. 

It irks me to buy them and I tend to get them when they are on offer but it feels like a dirty little secret confessing it to you here especially having waxed lyrical to you about how easy it is to freeze cakes in this post.  I have nightmares about standing in front of  HRH Mary Berry, whilst she waves a giant rolling pin at me and tells everyone I have a soggy bottom!

Thankfully I made a batch of flapjacks yesterday to keep us going until I get over my little bit of self inflicted poorliness.  I know my family love my cakes best but I don't mind turning a blind eye whilst they step over to the dark side with a Mr Kipling slice.  




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    1. I may have a go at my own dinky angel slices and see if I can come up with some nifty packaging!


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