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Friday, 8 November 2013

The Cameo Apple Diet

What's the Word Up on the Cameo Diet?
Yo, pretty ladies around the world!  Who remembers the soul band Cameo from the 1980's?  Anyone?!  Just me then!  Well, they had a hit in 1986 with Word Up which you can watch here if you have the time and the inclination.  Anyway, today we are talking Cameo Apples not soul bands and more specifically the Cameo Diet.  

Cameo apples have come up with the Cameo Diet in consultation with a nutritionist and the basic premise is that you use Cameo Apples as a base for creating some healthy low calorie recipes.  You can read all about it here and I'll tell you how I plan to use the diet.

5:2 Diet
I think most of us have heard of the 5:2 diet and variations of it.  Essentially, you are eating normally for 5 days and fasting for the other 2 days a week on a very restricted calorie intake.  As I am not a nutritionist I will direct you to an article written by Dr Michael Mosely who last year explored how this diet may assist people in losing weight and living longer.  I watched the original Horizon programme on BBC2 that went out last September and felt that I really wanted to give it a go.  However, I am a lazy disorganised madam and have never quite got around to it.

I am not a yoyo dieter who tries all the latest dieting fads; as I mentioned in yesterday's post, if my jeans start feeling tight then I cut back for a bit until my waist band stops cutting into my midriff.  However, when a friend suggested the Cameo Diet, I thought it was a good opportunity to see if I could shift those extra pounds.

I plan to follow the Cameo Diet for my 2 fast days when I will try to stick to 500 calories a day.  My first planned fast day is Monday and I shall pick either a Wednesday or Thursday for my second fast day so that I can indulge at the weekend.  

Weigh In

Wibble = 10 stone 6 lb 

According to the NHS BMI calculator my weight is well within the healthy range so that's all good, but I would feel a lot happier in my skin (and jeans) if I were lighter and eating healthier. 

See you on Monday for some recipes!




  1. what a brave girl, promising to and then posting weight. although nothing to be ashamed of at all! xx


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