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Thursday, 7 November 2013

My Big Weigh In!

The war against my muffin top
I have never owned a set of bathroom scales before; I mostly use the tried and tested  'my-waistband-is-cutting-into-my-muffin-top' method of measuring my weight.  If my clothes start to feel uncomfortable then I lay off the bread for a while and cut back on cheese and cake.

However, I am about to embark on the Cameo Diet and to properly judge how effective this is, I am going to weigh myself.  Now, I am not totally ignorant of how much I weigh and my weight tends to fluctuate up to half a stone either side of  *WIBBLE (*my actual weight will be revealed tomorrow!).  But, as I've got older, I have found it increasingly difficult to shift the cumbersome spare tyre that was mother natures gift to me on becoming middle aged (oh, she's a bitch!).  I've learnt to live with it, but sometimes, frankly, it starts taking liberties and needs to be 'dealt with'!  Especially when I have had a month of big celebrations featuring liberal amounts of champagne and cake.

So, I am now the proud owner of a set of Ozeri Touch II Bathroom Scales.  First up, these scales are sleek and sexy, much like the Ozeri Kitchen scales I reviewed a while back.  The scales allow you to programme in the vital statistics of up to 8 people at a time; you enter your age, sex, height etc.  The scales then recognise you each time you hop on them and keeps a record or how your weight is fluctuating.  This is so much easier for me than waiting for my Wii Fit to load up and go through the frustrating palava of trying to control the Wii remote and listening to the annoying little voice squeaking 'measuring, measuring...'

An added feature of the scales is that they have sensors which measure your fat, muscle, water and bone content;  I'm not sure that I really need or want to know this much information, but there are those out there with a healthy geek streak, who will find this interesting.  The best thing about these scales is that they are very easy to use - even I, with my sh'mummy mummy brain, could figure out how to programme in my details.  I remember some rubbish scales that my mum had when I was teenager and I bet your parents had some too; you had to 'tap' them with your toe to turn them on and then 'tap' to change from kilos to stones etc.  They were unreliable and never responded to the taps or even a hefty kick.  The Ozeri scales also have a big clear display panel that I can read without my glasses on.

I'm not about to become a slave to my pretty new scales and start weighing myself every day, but they will allow me to judge how I am doing on the Cameo Diet more accurately than my usual method.  I'll tell you all about the diet tomorrow and reveal my vital statistics (as if anyone cares!).


Disclosure:  I was sent the Ozeri Touch II Scales for the purpose of review; all the opinions stated are my own and completely honest.  You can buy the scales here.

PS Apologies for my unmanicured hairy hobbit toes!

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  1. I am sure there are much worse toes than yours! xx


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