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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Twirling My Tassels

Have you every tried twirling nipple tassels in a controlled manner?  It's a lot harder than you think; almost impossible to get them going in the same direction let alone getting them to go in opposite directions. It's bad enough trying to control two, ample but unruly bosoms on a day to day basis.  I resorted to bouncing up and down and 'Lo and Behold' the bosoms and tassels followed suit.  As you know, I regularly disappear into an Am Dram sequined sinkhole and last Autumn it was the wonderful musical, Gypsy, that stole my life for a few months.

I had the wonderful part of an aging burlesque performer, Miss Mazeppa, who struts around in a slightly scary way, instructing the young Gypsy Rose Lee that she needs to 'get a gimmick'.  Miss Mazeppa's particular gimmick is playing the trumpet, very badly whilst bumping and grinding in an undignified fashion. I loved it but I was temporarily disowned by my children. 

As in previous productions, I got heavily involved in costuming the show.  Hours spent scouring the internet for cheap costumes/fabric/wigs/nipple tassels etc.  My local am dram society is lucky enough to have a large wardrobe of costumes from various eras.  Gorgeous glamorous vintage frocks, tailcoats, hats and suits but sadly, so many are in tiny sizes that don't cater for the normal range of sizes of our actors.  Hours and hours are spent searching for costumes for the cheapest possible hire cost and much time is spent trawling eBay for a bargain.  

It's a bleedin' challenge, I can tell you, with limited funds and a big cast. But I love our little am dram society and I've learnt a great deal in my adventures in costuming.  It forces you to think creatively and come up with novel solutions.

In January I had a humdinger of a part in a play; 'Dinner' by Moira Buffini.  It was a small cast and the blackest of black comedies chock full of acerbic put downs and a lot of swearing.  We had some great publicity photos taken for the show; here's me in a fabulous red dress, threatening a lobster (as you do)

In an effort to promote the show locally, I started a new blog, My Am Dram Life, that introduces the play and each character. So, there has been some post-show blues and wondering what comes next in terms of amateur theatre for me.

Hey, but I'm back on the blog and full of wonderful things to tell you about.  So many lovely vintage fabric finds and wonderful textile artists discovered.

It seemed like I was overdue a blog make-over and I'd ask you to 'bear with' whilst I titivate it using my limited capabilities.

Mwah! Glal x



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