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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Vintage Finds

It's been a long while since I shared some of my vintage finds with you, and today I have a dress, a table cloth and a curious tea towel to show you.  I know just how to show you a good time, you lucky people.

I haven't fallen out of love with vintage, I've just got a lot more selective about what I buy and to be honest, there is a lot less out there that is in good condition and reasonably priced. You can find all sorts of loveliness at Vintage Fairs and shops but I do like the little thrill you get from finding a bargain in a charity shop. 

I'm lucky that we have a few really nice charity shops locally.  Once in particular is run by The Pilgrims Hospice in Tenterden.  They've done a great job at decking out the quirky shop with vintage gorgeousness; lots of clothes and accessories, fabrics, haberdashery and interesting bits and pieces.  The quality is pretty good but that means that the prices are also above what a lot of people would be willing to pay. It is a lovely place to browse though.

This is where I found the quirky tea towel and the table cloth.  The tea towel depicts a grumpy man who looks like he is reluctantly washing up when what he really wants to do is go play golf with his neglected clubs.  Feels very 50's in style to me and I love those colours. Way too good to use as a tea towel and needs to be on the wall. It was a mere £3 so I love it all the more for being a bargain.  The man reminds me of Rigby from Rising Damp - think it's the hair and the sour expression on his face.

I love the blue, yellow and red coloured illustrations in this table cloth.  I would be gutted if I used it as a table cloth and it got stained but such a shame just to have it languishing in a drawer.  What would you do with it?  I may sell it on, but it makes me happy to look at it, so maybe keep it. And all my photos are awful!  I really must learn to use my camera better - poor light and my shoddy ironing skills do not make for a pretty photo. I'm such a rubbish blogger!!!

This pretty 80's style dress was four quid in a charity shop and I adore it. No way could I get away with wearing it; as someone who got married for the first time in the 80's, it's not an era I can revisit clothes wise!  Those puffed sleeves belong on young arms.  It's from C and H and I reckon it would be perfect for a vintage loving gal to wear at a summer party. 

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine here in the UK and finding loveliness somewhere in your life.



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