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Saturday, 23 November 2013

A Saucy Little Sewing Box

Hello Saucy!

If you'll excuse the dodgy shadowy photo, I want to introduce you to this little sewing box that I picked up for £3 in my local charity shop last week; bargain!  She was hiding under a pile of old records, but I found her and discovered 6 vintage reels of Sylco thread nestling inside her tummy.  She has legs that unscrew and is as cute as a little vintage button.

The colours of the Sylco cotton look very Cath Kidston in bright rich tones that are a joy to look at.  

This little table cloth is only about four feet square and has a gorgeous design in pink with the coral red flowers and bright green stems.  So pretty and a nice little piece of fabric; I wonder who used to own this table cloth and if they set their tea tray on it laden with buttered crumpets and a pot of Earl Grey tea?

I hate making bias binding and so I bought the pink paisley and leopard print bias binding from a craft fair yesterday for 75p a metre; I love a bit of hab dash, don't you?  The beige gingham fabric is of a lovely heavy home dec weight and was £2.95 for a good metre at a charity shop; another bargain.

Hello Sweetie!

On another matter, today is the 50th Birthday of Doctor Who!  I may have let slip that I have a slight crush on David Tennant and have a life sized cardboard cut out of him in my loft; this may sound creepy to you, but I am very fond of him.  I shall be getting him out of the closet for the special
The Day of the Doctor episode on telly tonight.

Allons-y!!  Galx


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sewing box...with LEGS no less.

    Yes, happy 50th to Dr. Who ;)

  2. Do David's eyes follow you around the room? I think he needs to get in the festive spirit with a Santa hat.

    1. He did wear a santa hat last year, so maybe I'll get him a Pixie hat this year x

  3. Your sewing box is fabulous !
    What a find.
    Visiting from "Sew Many Ways".

  4. Hahaha love your David Tennant cut-out!! You should keep him in the window at night to deter burglars! Your sewing box is awesome! Love the wicker siding. xxx

    Hips Like Cinderella

    1. We had to keep him in the loft as he kept scaring the living daylights out of us every time we went into a room! He did used to look out of my bedroom window, but it was quite scary! x


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