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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Faux Fur-tastic Sewing Projects

Faux Fur-tastic

Despite all my good intentions, I have not made a single Christmas present and it's almost December; arrgh!  Last year saw me sewing away on Christmas Eve, cursing and grumbling as I kept cutting my finger and bleeding over my fabric and I vowed not to do it again and be organised.   I have found some super free tutorials involving faux fur that I have been wanting to make for ages and they would make fab gifts for my gaggle of little nieces.  I am not sure what the collective noun for nieces is?  Perhaps, a giggle of nieces might be better!

I adore this orange tartan fox scarf!  You can find the pattern for this over here - Prudence Baby Fox Stole Pattern.  I have been searching for some orange tartan fabric like this for ages and haven't found any, but of course you could go off piste and use whatever fabric you like.  I still have a good amount of the grey faux fur that I used to make the little bear hood; I could use it to make a Wolf or Mr Wilf stole (calm down dear, no need to call the RSPCA!)

I used some of the grey fake fur to make a hot water bottle cover for curly girly; it's lovely and snugly and almost like having Mr Wilf in bed with you, but without the doggy smell and snoring.

I love this Fur ear flap hat - another really easy sewing project using faux fur - I need to go on a hunt for some fluffy fur as lovely as the stuff shown in this pic - head on over here to find the free tutorial for the ear flap hat.  The Sewing Rabbit is one of the many stitchy blogs I follow on a regular basis; if only I did as much actual sewing as I read about other people doing!!

Another easy peasy sewing project with faux fur is the child's gilet above - you can find this free tutorial by cantering over to Sew Pony's blog.  Curly girly would love one of these and has seen quite a few in the shops that she has been nagging me to buy her.  Honestly, the amount of fur that Mr Wilf sheds every day would be enough to make one of these!

Sweet dreams Mr Wilf; I wonder what he's dreaming about?!



  1. I love the fox scarf! Xx

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  3. I need to save the info on the gillet for when I get my sewing machine back out of storage! #pocolo

  4. The gillet is gorgeous - and I love that fox scarf too. Gosh you have so much patience to make things! I just don't! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

  5. Love that fox scarf! I wish I was that talented and could make one! And a faux-fur hat too :)

    Got here through #PoCoLo

  6. My two would love the fox scarf! I'm rubbish with a needle and thread, but I might just give it a go....


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