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Monday, 10 March 2014

Making a Harry Potter Cloak

Believe it or not, I have actually been sewing; I was thrust into some frantic stitching activity when my curly girly demanded a Harry Potter dress up outfit for World Book Day at the 11th hour.   The cape is an easy peasy pattern taken from the lovely book, Growing Up Sew Liberated; you can easily make this cape in a couple of hours and it can be as cheap as chips if you get yourself some bargain fabric.

We visited the Harry Potter Warner Brothers Tour last year and totally loved the whole experience; be warned though, it's not cheap.  The gift shop was full of all the wonderful HP outfits and paraphernalia that are essential for the budding wizard in your life but they were oh-so-very expensive.  I bought a couple of iron-on house badges with a view to making cloaks for my girls as I just knew it could be done for a fraction of the hefty price they cost in the gift shop. 

The pattern is two pieces; one for the cloak and one for the hood and you need an outer fabric and a lining fabric.  I chose to use a heavier weight black poly-cotton fabric for my outer cloak as I think it has a good drape and gives the cape an authentic look and allows for swishing.  This cloak is sleeveless and all you are doing is joining the hood to the neck, adding a lining and a button and you are all set to do battle with he-who-cannot-be-named.

Of course, you don't need the official HP iron-on house badge; I bought a replica Gryffindor badge on eBay for a fraction of the cost when I previously made a cloak for my niece and she didn't notice the difference.  My curly girl did a test on-line with her sister which 'sorted' her into Ravenclaw, hence the blue lining to the cape.

You can also make an Invisibility Cloak with the same pattern if you use a fabric you can see through and don't add a lining.  I found some great fabric with stars and moons on it that looks suitably magical and if you cover your face, you can sneak around pretending that no-one can see you and do some spying and important wizardy stuff.  This cape pattern is so versatile, you could easily knock up a Little Red Riding Hood, Princess or even Superhero cape in no time at all.

I'll finish with my favourite spell; RICTUSEMPRA!!!


PS It's a tickling spell



  1. Great job! Your little curly girl is a lucky one to have this treasure!

  2. What a fab cloak. I shall have to look out for a pattern to make one for my Granddaughter.

  3. The cloak looks amazing!! Love the blue lining, a clever touch!
    I've had a look at your charity shop finds--soo lovely!!! I love a charity shop rummage too. You can never tell what treasures you'll find on every visit and this makes it so fun and exciting. Looking forward to seeing more lovely finds here!
    Marion (

  4. Glad you found me because now I have found you too!
    Super blog you have here...lots of interesting posts to read, that's my evening planned
    Daisy j

  5. Your cloak is amazing - you did such a fantastic job - I bet her outfit is far better than any shop bought one.

  6. Clever you, Gal. Fabulous cloaks. I've just discovered you and have had a lovely rummage (yes, there's that word) through your blog. xx

  7. Lovely blog. It has made me smile on a day when I am feeling a little poorly. Fantastic cloak. I'd quite like one myself! x

  8. Love the name of your blog! And what a great cloak - nimble fingered you certainly are. Thanks for the tips, will keep in mind for when my HP obsessed son wants something similar for dress up day. We loved the HP tour too, went recently and i wrote a review of it. Popping over from #PoCoLo

  9. I love it! That looks fantastic x

  10. An absolutely amazing idea :) I love that you had the forethought to get the badges. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

  11. If ever you need a badge last minute (I know how the kids can whip those school letters out of their bags the evening before sometimes) you can print onto that iron on transfer paper made for t shirts, I tried it for a costume once and it came out pretty good. Of course you need iron on transfer paper but doesn't everyone have a stash of that at home?!!!

  12. Sorry I forgot to say the cape is beautiful!


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