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Friday, 28 February 2014

Vintage Fabric Haul

The Charity Shop Gods have been smiling down on me this year and I've found some lovely vintage fabric and table linen recently.  This week, I popped into my local and there were 2 large bin bags filled with fabric remnants from a lady who must have been a great crafter, once upon a time; I had a good old rummage through and found some nice bits.  Don't you just love the word 'rummage'?!  In the old days before vintage became sexy, there were Jumble Sales; for the uninitiated, these were sales of donated second-hand gubbins, that was untidily piled up on trestle tables for people to 'rummage' through.  There was always a lot of elbowing and shoving from ladies keen to grab a bargain and often the clothes were grubby and smelled a bit funky.

Anyway, I digress.  Among my favourite finds has been this lovely vintage table cloth; it's Madeira cut-work linen and the original label that's still attached states that it is hand embroidered.  The original price is in dollars so somehow she has managed to find her way over the pond to her final resting place in Kent.  She is in perfect condition;  spotlessly white and crisp and the quality of the linen is gorgeous.  I regularly use my vintage table cloths but I couldn't bear to see this one spoilt with tea stains and smears of chocolate cake, so pristine is she.  This photo doesn't do her justice I'm afraid.

Another pretty little table cloth that warms my heart with it's  delicate features. It reminds me of an old lady I knew called Cressida; she was very refined and quite fragile. but sweetly charming.  She probably knew Miss Marple in the old days and helped her with her sleuthing over a cup of Darjeeling.  She would probably have bothered to iron her table cloths before taking photographs of them, unlike slovenly old me!

This fabric was labelled as being of American in origin and I love the groovy print;  it's a lovely vintage cotton fabric that started life as a table cloth, I think.  It would be easy to re-purpose this into a nice pinny or tea towels.  

Included in a little bundle that cost a couple of quid, there were some good sized pieces of vintage cotton lace and a couple of metres of rayon print fabric.  

In amongst the bin bags I told you about earlier was this green lace fabric; it has a slight stretch to it and is unashamedly kitsch.  There's a good couple of metres here and it had a lingering smell of' 'granny vintage'; not unpleasant just a bit musty.  I put this through the washing machine with some white vinegar for a soak and it came up smelling sweeter.  I have no idea what I would do with it but it reminds me of something Yootha Joyce would wear in George and Mildred

Can you see me in a green version of Mildred's nighty?!  Such fun.

I hope you enjoyed a rummage through my vintage goodies and I shall bid you TTFN, all you lovers of granny chic.




  1. Hello GAL,

    There is nothing more exciting than a good old rummage with one's heart fluttering at the thought of what treasure may lie hidden beneath a mound of detritus. You have acquired some glorious finds and yes, we can imagine a green nightgown.......

    Thank you for your comment on our blog to which we have made reply.

  2. Some great vintage finds! I must rummage through my local shop and see if I can find something. #pocolo

  3. ooh I love a good rummage too but my husband has banned me from going near any more charity shops right now - I have enough woold in the house to knit a house and have been busily making pom-poms. I don't know if green lace would light anyone's erotic fires....well maybe George's of course!! #AllAboutYou

  4. Good Evening Sharon, Oh, I do love a good rummage around Charity shops (I've just noticed I have used practically the same words as Studio Kaufmann), but its true. The linens you have found are so very beautiful and I love the material with the pink and green flowers with the mustard squares.... the pink and green material reminds me of material which I discovered in India.... maybe your material began it's life in India and was exported.
    My goodness, I remember the old jumble sales.... especially the Church jumble sales... now that was a really good rummage, because rummaging was the only way to find anything.
    I do like the mint green lace.... but I see it as something much nicer than a Mildred nightie.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Best Wishes

  5. Nothing nicer than a good old rummage. I always manage to see someone else pick up something that I would love before I get there. Must sharpen those jolly old elbows ;0)

  6. I do love looking at your vintage hauls - there are some wonderful things and memories in there! I laughed a lot at the Mildred nightie! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

  7. Great finds - I also adore that mirror!


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