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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Rocky Road and Pink Crispy Cakes

Sunday Afternoon Tease

Take one pot of Raspberry Marshmallow Fluff, add to 60 grams of melted butter and mix in a shed load of Rice Crispies; should you be short of Rice Crispies as I was then add in a mini box of Cocoa Pops and any other crispy rice cereal available.  Voila!!

The same bung-it-all-in-together principal applies to Rocky Road.  My tween-age drama queen made the Rocky Road above at a friend's party.  I rather like the addition of popping candy in this and the edible gold stars.  The basic principle is to add melted chocolate to broken up biscuits and throw in some marshmallows and whatever sweeties you fancy.  This was actually surprisingly yummy!

These are very child friendly recipes, because it simply involves a lot of stirring and bright lairy colours - as long as an adult deals with the hot melted chocolate or melted butter, the kids can then do the stirring and decide what sweeties to add. 

This was my first experience with Marshmallow Fluff and I rather liked it.  Apparently, some people spread it on their toast!  Whatever next.  

TTFN. Gal x


  1. I love marshmallow fluff!! Although I think it would be far too sickly on toast! The crispy cakes look amazing xxx

    Hips Like Cinderella

  2. I love rice crispy treats! This looks like a fun project to do with the kids!


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