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Friday, 27 September 2013

Charity Shop Vintage Glassware

Floral Vintage Glassware 
I was delighted to find these vintage glasses in my local charity shop this week for the bargain price of £2.  They have a definite Cath Kidston look to them with the pretty flowers and are destined to be wrapped in  tissue paper and popped into someone's Christmas stocking.  Now that it's Autumn, I think we can safely mention the C word without getting shouted at, can't we?!

The glasses are strikingly similar to the Cath Kidston vase that I bought in the CK summer sale this year.  I have had this vase hidden away in my Christmas stash box and I foresee a marriage made in vintage heaven with the little glasses.  Naturally, I shall include a bottle of home made Damson Gin in the stocking of the lucky recipient; perfect for sipping from their dainty glasses (or possibly the vase if they are a lush).  

I found this glass butter dish a couple of weeks ago for a nifty £2; as much as I love spreadable butter, there is nothing like the real thing, especially when it's in such a pretty dish.

This jug sat nestled on the shelf next to the butter dish and they seemed to belong together.  Whenever we have a birthday tea party at Saucy Towers, I like to get my vintage jugs out (sorry, that little innuendo was simply begging to be let out of the bag!).

May the charity shop gods smile down on you and bless you with vintage goodies.




  1. Gorgeous. Whoever receives those glasses are lucky lucky especially with some gin on the side! Xx

  2. your blog made me smile SIL xx

  3. These glasses are beautiful!
    What a wonderful find :)

  4. What gorgeous finds.... and you're very kind to be giving these away as gifts, I'd be clinging on to them for dear life! ;)

    1. I find it hard to give away the things I really love, but I know the recipient will love them as well :)

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you Gemma - I want to keep them, but I won't!

  6. Hi There

    These glasses are so sweet and summery, I love the jug with the small flowers on!

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    Can't wait to see more.

    Lydia x


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