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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Where to find Vintage Fabric Bargains

Every vintage fabric loving Gal wants to know where to find Vintage Barkcloth bargains.  

When I first picked up the bug for rummaging about in charity shops I would nab any pretty embroidered tray cloths and table cloths for a snip and squirrel them away in a big bag, just because I liked them.  I always saw vintage linens as a source of fabric rather than using them for the purpose they were originally intended. 

Charity Shops
In one of my early blog posts, I enthusiastically waxed lyrical about my love for Granny Chic and the possibilities of turning lovely linen tablecloths into clothes and tea towels and whatnot. Those Cinderella tablecloths are still waiting to be transformed so they can go to the ball.

I also very quickly realised that a good source of vintage fabric could be found in old curtains.  You get a lot of fabric for your money and all you need to do is unpick the hems and remove the header tape. I have a particular penchant for vintage floral Sanderson fabrics and have found some lovely curtains over the last couple of years in charity shops.

But a vintage fabric addict needs a daily fix of fabric porn and who better to turn to than that saucy minx, t'internet.

Obviously, there is the bottomless pit of Ebay to lose yourself in and a seller I would highly recommend is Suzy Sharp. I've met Suzy at a local vintage fair and her fabrics are top notch and beautifully pressed and packaged.  I recently sold some fabric on Ebay and so could perfectly justify spending the profits on yet more fabric!  I'm always looking for that elusive bargain on Ebay, but I think you can very easily get caught up with the thrill that comes from bidding and end up paying too much. Sometimes it's better to step away from the auction and 'buy it now'. You can still get the lovely blue rose barkcloth above from Suzy here.

A couple of months back I purchased a pair of blue floral curtains on Etsy from Claire of  Mrs Rocks Back Room. When I sold 5 meters of a vintage Sanderson fabric (William Morris Travis pattern)for £26 (purchased for £1 from charity shop), I hastily spent the money on more fabric, as you do. I am chuffed to bits with this fabric - lovely Sanderson cotton/linen fabric.sighs.

Boot Fairs 
I really don't go to boot fairs very often, but we have an excellent local one (Sissinghurst Cricket Club) and I found some gorgeous orange rose barkcloth curtains for a very good price. Four meters of vintage barkcloth for a snip; destined for bags and cushion covers I think.

I've recently discovered that there are lovely people selling vintage fabric on Instagram.  You can scroll through Instagram and gaze upon vintage fabric porn. I follow linenandgreen_everyday and a couple of French sellers, pommedejour and the little french house. Although I have banned myself from buying anything, it's lovely just to look.  Whilst you're looking, why not hop over and follow GiddyAuntLola (me)on Instagram.

Good luck with your hunt for vintage fabric!

TTFN. Gal x


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