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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

I'm back and it's Narnia business where I've been!

Well hello there; did you miss me?  Um, yes, well.....and the Academy of Blogging award for 'Most Rubbish Blogger of 2015/16' goes to.........

You see, I was visiting this old country house and there was this big wardrobe and I just stepped inside for a minute because I saw lots of lovely vintage fabric hanging up and before I knew it, I was in this other world.  It's the magical mystical world of Sh'Mumarnia aka 'The Land of the Disorganised Sh'mum'.  You may remember that this is an abbreviation we use here at Saucy Towers for acts of shit  rubbish mum-dom.

But, like, whatever, because I decided I missed blogging and wanted to come and witter at you all again about things that make me happy. So, let's re-cap, that's baking, finding vintage goodies in charity shops and sewing.  

You remember I was a bit of a charity shop addict and used to love sharing all the sweet old china and stuff I found for a few quid?  I haven't exactly fallen out of love with charity shops and vintage nick nacks, I've just become a lot more selective.  I realised that I was accumulating way too much vintage tut and so got rid of loads at a boot fair last year and sent other gubbins back to the charity shops whence they came.  

These days, my particular fancy is for vintage fabric; particularly floral barkcloth and old Sanderson curtain fabric.  I can be in and out of a charity shop in less than 30 seconds by just heading straight to the linen section and scanning for something special. 

There has been a lot of sewing and creating going on here at Saucy Towers over the last year or so.  Oooh, get me showing off.  You remember I told you all about getting Lost in the Willows last year?  Well, after that, I got lost in Old Bavaria designing, making and sourcing costumes for The Producers.  This is a big show with loads of costumes and the most fun I've had in my Am Dram life. But also very time consuming.  One of the highlights of the show is the big 'Springtime for Hitler' number and it's not every day you get to make showgirl costumes featuring giant sausages and pretzels.  Or stand on a podium scantily dressed as a Valkyrie themed show girl.  Or join twenty other actors dressed as lecherous, rich old ladies dancing with zimmer frames.  Now that was a beautiful sight to behold.

Good old 2016 has kicked off with me acting in an Agatha Christie play, Cards on the Table.  I surprised myself by being able to learn a shed load of lines and that's not bad for an ageing sh'mum.  Once again,my trusty brown wig got an outing for my character, Ariadne Oliver, amateur sleuth and crime writer.

So, let's see if I can produce a couple of blog posts a week for a bit and bring you lots of pictures of stuff I've found, made and maybe even baked.  It's worth hanging about just on the off chance that I do something bloody brilliant. 



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  1. Well in the year youve been missing , ive acheived errr wait for it .....Jack diddly squat ..ive become a moaning skivving benefits claiming carer , still drowning in a see of highly valuable vintage tat, honest and i have a home filled with good intentions ..but, i will fight you for a bit of vintage Sanderson, handbags at dawn?

    1. Hi Kate, Of all the blogs I read, I always make sure I keep up with yours - your resourcefulness and spirit is an inspiration, in the face of whatever life throws at you. And yes, I will fight you for that bit of vintage Sanderson!

  2. I like that term sh'mum', it's great - I may have to pinch it! ;)

  3. Your pretzels were certainly a sight to behold daahling! Good to see you back in Blogland with your hilarious witterings and crafty tips.


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