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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Posh Peg Bags from Vintage Barkcloth

There are lots of free patterns and tutorials for peg bags to be found on-line but it is really super easy to design your own. I tried a couple of patterns I found whilst cruising Pinterest but found the peg pocket to be too small or the design a bit too 'cutesy', if you know what I mean. I wanted a posh peg bag for hanging up my scanties; this is not the kind of peg bag to leave hanging from your whirlygig all summer, to fade and rot.  However, I did make the bags so that the coat hanger can be removed and the bag can be hand washed.

As you can see from the peg bag above, my peg bags have a capacious peg pocket that I managed to get 3 packets of pegs into easily.  You can find lots of practical oil cloth peg bags on Etsy and in the shops but these sensible options don't really float my vintage loving boat.  I actually like hanging washing out on a sunny day and wanted something pretty and vintage for my pegs. 

A couple of years ago I picked up loads of little coat hangers for a snip in my local charity shop and have been hanging on to them with a view to getting creative.  I used a combination of some vintage barkcloth and other vintage floral fabric with some little scraps of my favourite ever Cameo fabric. I even rescued a couple of chickens from an old Cath Kidston tea towel that naughty Miss LooLoo dog decided to shred one day.  The chooks are happily clucking around in the vintage Sanderson roses in the top photo. 

I adore this cameo fabric so very very much.  It was a Melody Miller print from a few years ago and I still have a couple of uncut meters which I am saving for something special. But as I had a few small pieces left over from other projects, I decided the vintage ladies would add a perfect little touch to my peg bags.

Every scrap of this darling fabric will most definitely get used as I plan to make a lot more peg bags to sell. 

This is the first peg bag I made for a lovely friend (such a poor photo, sorry!)

I've realised that although it's lovely having lots of pretty vintage barkcloth fabrics in neat plastic boxes to gaze at and stroke, the fabric really does deserve a new lease of life.  I may make myself a peg bag for every day of the week!

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Enjoy hanging up your scanties this week!
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  1. What lovely peg bags! I enjoy making them but it is hard to find hangers that small...

    1. I know - it was a bit of luck, finding 20 little hangers, fit for purpose, for £4 :)
      Thanks for visiting

  2. These are lovely, the first thing I ever made on a sewing machine was a peg bag, I remember my nan helping me. You have sent me on a lovely trip down memory lane!

    1. I just live peg bags, as I live hangung washing out on a sunny day too and the smell of the sheets when they've been dried in the sun


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