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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Easy Frozen Dress Up Cape

NO!  I do not want to build a chuffing snowman!!!  If I had a pound for every time I've heard my charming daughters sing this song, I could afford to build an ice palace in the arctic and drink Crystal champagne for breakfast every day.   My Curly Girly was invited to attend a 'Frozen' themed birthday party a few weeks ago and I somewhat lazily assumed that it would be easy to buy a cheap off the peg Disney dress up outfit.  This was in the week that the Frozen dvd was released and after many hours of fruitless searching online, I could not find a single Anna or Elsa dress in her size in the UK that didn't cost a million pounds.  

So, with only two days before the party, urgent action was required and I had to venture to my nearest large town in search of an outfit, as I really didn't have the time to try and make one.  I managed to find the only Anna outfit in the whole of Kent (I may be exaggerating here) for the utterly scandalous price of £19.99, crossing my fingers that it would fit her.   It is the flimsiest bit of tat you ever saw in your life, but my girl loves it and it just about fits her as long as she doesn't breathe.   The dress looked incomplete without a cape and I knew that CG really badly wanted one.

I was in a grump because of the silly price I paid for the frock and only bought one measly metre of fabric to make the cape; to make a lovely swinging cape you need a good couple of metres and something with a bit of weight to it, but somehow, I managed to squeeze one out of what I had.  Using my go-to cape pattern that I've used to make Harry Potter themed dress up robes, I cut a third of the size for the long bit of the cape so it just hangs down the back and made a shortened hooded capelet to stick on the top.  

I edged the capelet with some black pom pom trim and used fabric glue (lazy mare) to attach some white fur trim to the hood.  Even though I neglected to iron the cape the result was pretty effective; Curly Girl was thrilled and that's what counts.  Certainly not my proudest sewing achievement as I scrabbled about to get enough fabric for the capelet and ended up having to do it in two pieces (note ugly seam down the back).  We bought a clip in blonde hair extension from Claire's Accessories to plait into her hair, just like the real Anna has and she set off for the party as happy as you like.  

I'm inspired to have a go at an Elsa costume as I just love the glamour of the sparkly ice blue dress and it's opaque snowflake cape; I'll be giving myself more time and fabric for this one and will report back on how it goes.   On another matter, I've been short-listed for a BritMum's Brilliance in Blogging award in the craft category, hurrah!  If you would be sweet enough to hop on over to vote for me, then I would be everso everso grateful; if you click on the orange and purple badge at the top of my sidebar or here, it will link you to where to vote.   The craft blogs are category 14 and you don't have to vote in all the other sections, just the ones you want to.  

Oh, and just to reiterate; NO, I still don't want to build a flipping snowman! Thank you and goodbye from a Frozen obsessed Saucy Towers.


PS This cape is really super easy and even if you have never sewn anything before you could give it a try



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