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Monday, 28 April 2014

My Loo with a Vintage View!

First up, apologies for being missing in action for the last three weeks; lorks a lordy, time certainly does fly.  I could bore you with some lame excuses, but let's just get back on the vintage dobbin of my jolly bloggy life and have a good canter around my downstairs lavatory.  Oh, you thought I was joking didn't you?!  Bless your heart, I'm being perfectly serious, darling.

So, when I first started sneaking in some vintage bits and pieces into Saucy Towers, I thought I would pop a few things in the downstairs lav and soon a tweeting lovely birdy theme began to emerge.  I got  a man in to paper one wall with some cheery Laura Ashley wallpaper and after I had slapped on some bright yellow paint on the other walls, everything began to come together.

The loo and sink themselves are pretty old but still serviceable; this is our downstairs convenience of choice when we are caught short in the garden or rushing into the house from the car and can't quite make it up the stairs without having a little accident (ahem, weak pelvic floor).   

I adore the little bullfinch posy vase and trinket dish that sit by the window in my loo-with-a-view.    

Don't you just love British garden birds?  A pretty finch or a sweet little tit can brighten up a dowdy corner, even if oddly surrounded with barbed wire as in the picture above.  A curious combination and I wonder if this was painted by some kind of S and M twitcher?!  Oh, and notice the skillful photographer mirrored in the picture; note to self: take better pictures!

There is an interloper who lurks on the wall in the downstairs loo; this will seem like a bizarre addition to the bird mix, but I just love the character and expression on the face of this little dog.  I saw this a year or so ago in one of the vintage shops in Hastings and I felt sorry for this hairy mutt who was clearly long overdue a visit the doggy grooming salon.   He has a wonderful expression on his face, as if he is thoroughly cheesed off and about to bite someone; perhaps he was a cousin of Gnasher.  For a couple of quid, I rehomed him and I think he enjoys snarling at the birds in my loo.  

I won't be leaving it so long next time; pinky promise. 

TTFN. Galx



  1. I love this. One of my dreams when i have my own house is to have a beautifully decorated bathroon

    1. Well, ta muchly Kaitlyn :) You are tres kind.x

  2. i merely assumed that you had entered a menopausal cocoon and emerged as a beige wearer?

  3. I love, love, love the wallpaper - your jug and trinket boxes are cute too. Oh to have a downstairs loo, what heaven it must be, we have only one upstairs loo which is in the bathroom and with five children it gets kinda busy up there. Your loo is beautiful, you did a great job.

    1. Thank you Lorna - I am blessed with having a downstairs and upstairs convenience - I didn't show you the ugly flooring or fixtures and fittings tho ;)

  4. Welcome back! SIL xx


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