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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Making My First Quilt!

A little while back, I won a bundle of fabric to make a Snow and Ice Strip Quilt from The Village Haberdashery.  This was a lovely surprise and it seemed like a perfect introduction to quilting as all the fabric combinations have been chosen for me and the strips cut, so all I need to do is sew it together; fabulous!

I spent some time laying the pieces out on the floor, driving myself bonkers as to what would be the best combination of patterns and colours, but in the end, you just have to get on with it.  Having never made a quilt before, I did a little look-see online and found that a strip quilt couldn't be easier.  I have just started sewing my strips together, so it will be a few more weeks days until it's finished, but I feel that huge amounts of gratification are due my way when it is completed as I'm mostly just sewing in straight lines.  Hopefully, I will maintain nice neat straight lines and won't end up with a wonky quilt; better lay off the gin whilst sewing then.

The super thing about the blue and red fabrics in the fabric pieces are that they match my living room rug and sofa perfectly, so this will make a lovely quilt for snuggling up on the sofa with on a chilly evening.

I have always been quite intimidated by the thought of patchwork and quilting as it seemed massively time consuming; all that cutting little triangles or hexagons and gubbins like that didn't seem the thing for me.  A lovely book by Nicki Trench inspired me to look at quilting in a different way that I think will suit me a lot more than that English-paper-piecing-malarkey.  A Passion for Quilting is full of really simple projects that have inspired me; lovely crib quilts with simple squares of pretty vintage style fabric and quilts using chopped up vintage table linen are particularly lovely.

Making a patchwork quilt is also the answer to having a massive de-stash and using up all those small bits of fabric that are languishing in drawers, waiting to see the light of day.

A couple of months ago, I found a lovely handmade vintage quilt in my local charity shop; it is mahoosive and easily covers my super king sized bed; it looks like it was made in the 70's/80's and is in calming greens, white and peachy roses.   It is in absolutely super condition apart from a couple of tiny marks which I have since washed out.  I put it through the washing machine at 60 degrees and it came up fresh as a daisy, although I was half expecting it to disintegrate.  All that lovely hand crafting for twenty quid was money well spent.

Wish me luck with my strip quilt!

TTFN. Galx

Source for the snow and ice quilt and fabrics strips photos is The Village Haberdashery blog



  1. Oooh, I'm excited to see the finished quilt - I love the fabrics you chose. The chaz shopped quilt is gorgeous too. I've only ever done a patchwork square quilt - my quilting attempts are very limited! xx

  2. I follow the Village Haberdashery blog and envied you the win ;0)
    I am so pleased that you are having a bash at making the Quilt. I am making my first Quilt at my Sewing Group. It is a single bed Raggy Quilt but there seems to be tons of material.
    I think I shall have to order the Nikki Trench book. I have a couple of her books already.
    Love the quilt you found in the Charity shop. The only ones I have ever come across are cot size and manufactured, not really the same is it?

  3. Congratulations on the winning that wonderful fabric! I'm excited for your first will be hooked on quilting when it is finished. I doubt it will take you weeks to finish a strip quilt but do enjoy the process!

  4. Good luck! I'd love to see you link up with us at the Inspire Us Thursdays! link party at

  5. It's going to be fab!
    P.S. Great find on the 70s quilt, it's a beaut!

  6. I'm so excited for you to make your first quilt. I started back in 2010 and got hooked. It's so fun and there's a whole online world of quilters so you will always have more friends and fun because they are always having quilt alongs and free patterns and you get to know and love them and you give them encouragement and they reciprocate! (that was a little long winded)

  7. I want to sew because i have so many designs in my head and yet I cant cuz I dont have sewing machine nor can i afford one. So thank you for posting entries as this. Satiates my hunger for sewing.

  8. I loved reading about your quilting adventures! I am a new quilter, too, so I will look forward to keeping up with your Snow and Ice Strip Quilt. Your thrift shop quilt find is amazing- congratulations! I'm going to check out the book by Ms. Trench. #PoCoLo! :)

  9. I started a quilting class last week. I'm already addicted. It's a great stash buster. I look forward to seeing your finished quilt. 'PoCoLo

  10. Oh don't be be nervous, quilting is such fun! I teach the quilt you're about to make as a QAYG quilt at The City Quilter in NYC, super, super easy and we make the quilt in 1 day. I have a version of it on my blog - that one is diagonal rather than horizontal strips, very simple but horizontal strips are even easier, take a look. Wishing you lots of luck.

  11. Wow, good luck! I am a noob seamstress so making a quilt is something I can never see me doing. But one day it would be a lovely project to be brave enough to tackle! #PoCoLo

  12. You sound very excited about this - and rightly so! I am really looking forward to seeing your end result. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo :) x

  13. pretty nice blog, following :)


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