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Friday, 31 January 2014

Things that make me go Eeep!

I, for one, will not be sad to say goodbye to the dreary, soggy month of January; although we are still in the midst of winter, I find myself starting to think of spring as February is almost upon us and begin musing on all the lovely things that spring brings with it.  It's that feeling of new beginnings, spring cleaning, sewing vegetable and flower seeds, birds singing and maybe even a bit less rain and a bit more sun.  Definitely a time to try some new crafty projects. 

So, here are some things that have been cheering me up and giving me a creative buzz.  First up are some super patterned paint rollers from The Painted House which I love with a passion.  I am probably the last person on the planet to have discovered them, but I am hooked on the great effects you can get by using these rollers on walls, fabric and furniture.  

It looks like something even I could do and I am busy imaging how cool my dining room will look decorated with the lovely bird print above.   I fear that should I get my mitts one of these rollers that everything in the house that doesn't move will get rolled!  You can find details of how these rollers work at The Painted House website and buy the darlings through their Etsy store, Patternedpaintroller; there are loads of lovely rollers to choose from and a youtube video that demonstrates how to do it properly.  

I have also recently discovered Annie Sloan Chalk Paints; these paints give a velvety matt finish and come in a gorgeous array of vintage inspired colours.  They are purpose made for up-cycling furniture and getting that shabby chic look that I love.  Even just a few tester pots would be enough to get me started on a couple of practice projects and I am gagging to give it a go.  I have Annie's book, Quick and Easy Paint Transformations and a lot of wooden furniture in my home that needs sprucing up AND I've found a shop that stocks the paint.   Up, up and away; Super-Makeover-Woman to the rescue!

A red Kitchen Aid tattoo!  I just love this and guess what?  Yes, I am the proud owner of a lovely candy red Kitchen Aid, otherwise known as Miss Scarlett.  If ever I am tempted to have a tattoo done, then this would be it; this really did make me go 'Eeeep!'

Finally, this art print created by the amazing Dotty Angel is something that makes my heart sing with pure Granny Chic joy.  Dotty Angel is one of the creative goddesses behind the Granny Chic book that I have mentioned before.  I utterly and totally adore the quirky vintage style of Dotty Angel; she uses gorgeous vintage fabrics, crocheted blankets and other granny inspired gubbins to fill her home and make her clothes.  You must visit her blog for a taste of  true Granny Chic heaven. 

I hope that some of these things have made you go 'Eeeep' too.

TTFN. Galx

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  1. Fabulous choices of fabulous things! What an amazing tattoo!

    1. Thanks! I know; I confess that although I love this tattoo, I don't have the nerve for one myself (or do I?!)

  2. I've got a Miss Scarlett too! But we call ours "the Kitchenaid"

    1. You have to give your Kitchen Aid a name, Ruth! How will she know that you are speaking or singing to her if you don't use her name?! x

  3. I experimented seriously with paint effects in our last house with, um, mixed results.

    1. Yes - I predict that my attempts will not be as good as I would like, but you the paint roller does look very easy. I really badly want to give it a try anyway. :) xx


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