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Friday, 7 February 2014

Charity Shop Road Trip!

All About Me: Charity Shop Addict!
As much as I love my local charity shops, I sometimes have a yen to play away from home and plunder some new shops in my quest for vintage loveliness.  This week I had a little road trip to a nearby town whose high street is liberally occupied by charity shops and discount stores; although this high street is really nothing special, I enjoy the occasional visit and the change of scenery.  I combined the outing with some food shopping at Lidl and some necessary household purchases from the pound shops, like light bulbs which are hugely expensive more locally.   I love Lidl!  No, really, I only shop there a few times a year, but it feels like I am on holiday and shopping in a Spanish supermarket with all it's strange and exotic deli meats, cheeses and biscuits.

Bartering in Charity Shops
My middle sister volunteers in a charity shop in this town and for the first time I ventured in to see her there.   The moment I set foot in the shop, my eyes were drawn to a stack of pretty plates that shouted 'Meakin!' at me (no, not merkin dear, it's a respectable establishment!).  

A set of 'Royal Marigold' plates with delicate green and gold colouring in the pretty leaf pattern on the rim.  The 17 plates of varying sizes were priced at £20; this was not an unreasonable price but I felt a bit of filial discount might be available so I cheekily asked my sister what the chances were of a deal.  A little chat with her friendly manager confirmed that I could have the plates for a tenner, hurrah!.   I have never bartered or asked for discount in a charity shop before but I felt that I paid a fare price and this, together with my regular support for charity shops in both buying and giving, salved my conscience.  

As you know, I have a penchant for green glass and I couldn't believe my luck when I found this vintage salad bowl and plate for a nifty £3.99 hidden away in another CS.  The bowl has three holes in the bottom for any water that you have washed your lettuce in to drain through, hence the plate underneath to catch the drips.  I totally adore this dish and it is in beautiful condition.   

My last purchase on my road trip was this pink pressed glass jug for £2.50; I love this colour and have a beautiful pink glass dressing table set that a friend gave me for my birthday.  The colour is gorgeous and this little jug is just crying out for some pouring cream and a dish of strawberries to make her life complete.  

So, I am a happy vintage bunny this week despite the foul weather; I hope that the pretty glassware and china have cheered up your week and temporarily blown away the dreary, soggy start to February.  

TTFN. Galx

PS The dreadful weather and poor lighting prevented me from taking better photographs, so I buzzed them up with a little lomo filter.



  1. oooooo ; ) very pretty, I love charity shops.... I have a two good ones I go to, usually can pick up something shiny on my visits, other shops not so much xxx Amanda

  2. I just picked up a couple things in a charity shop over christmas - and it reminded me that i need to make more frequent visits as there's often some interesting finds. #pocolo

  3. So where's this "nearby town" then? Can't keep a chazza gem to yourself! ;-) x

  4. I have a good variety of charity shops near me, but I do love shopping the charity shops in Sydney for better variety. What a good deal on the Meakin. My Mum and I can spot a lot of Meakin instantly, and we have quite a collection

  5. You found some very lovely treasures! Enjoy them :)

  6. Wow, there are some real treasures in those charity shops. We have around 5 charity shops in our town and I really enjoy looking around them. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

  7. Some lovely treasure :) Sounds like a great charity shop youll have to visit again! I adore the little jug :D

  8. Wow. Great finds.
    Congrats on winning the quilting stash

  9. I want that jug! I want that jug!! Love a good vintage / charity / second-hand shop trawl. Thanks for linking up to #AllAboutYou

  10. That jug is so beautiful, I love it! What a great eye you have, well spotted. Thanks for linking up to #AllAboutYou


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