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Thursday, 12 December 2013

I'm Performing in Panto!

Oh, yes I am!
I have always loved going to see a good pantomime; all that camping it up and barely veiled innuendo appeal to my inner Frankie Howerd.  Titter Ye Not!   I actually saw Frankie starring in a production of Jack and the Beanstalk at the London Palladium in the 70's when I was a young Gal and he was brilliant, as you can imagine.

A bit of a lovey
But now, it's time I came out of the dramatic closet and confessed to you all  that I am a bit of a 'lovey' at heart; yes, I am out and proud as a member of my local Amateur Dramatic Society, don't you know.  When I was in secondary school I discovered the buzz of being on stage and many years passed (yes, very many) until I finally plucked up the courage to audition for a role in the musical, Annie with my local Am Dram Society.  My tween-ager got a part of one of Annie's little orphan chums and I had numerous ensemble roles and more importantly a great deal of fun.

Since joining,  I've been in a couple of musicals, Calendar Girls and a two Noel Coward plays.  The members of the society have been friendly, welcoming and enormously good company; I only wish I hadn't left it so long before I decided to get back to treading the boards.  Oh look, here I am in a silly brown wig, hamming it up for all I'm worth.  I've had to wear this damn wig in two shows and I am not doing it again! (she says as she flounces off to her trailer for a little lie down and a pint of gin).

Sisters Grimm
So, I am playing the part of a grumpy old bag, who narrates the panto with her sister; think Statler and Waldorf from the Muppets.  We heckle and cackle throughout the show, sitting in our cleaners cupboard to one side of the stage; oh yeh, I always get the glamorous roles!  My costume will be a mash up of Hilda Ogden and Nora Batty with some Pat Butcher earrings thrown in for good measure.  My apologies to any transatlantic readers who may not understand the iconic British cultural references in this post.

If you are living locally, then do come and see the show because it is absolutely fabulous, darling.  Why trek to your nearest big town and pay a fortune to watch a D class celebrity in panto when you can support your local community and have a splendiferous time to boot.   And, if you are sitting reading this and thinking how you've always wanted to give Am Dram a go but haven't quite worked up the nerve then I urge you to give it a try; step out of your comfort zone and do something new in 2014!

Do come, sweetie; I promise that you'll leave with a warm fuzzy feeling (this will probably be because you snuck in a hip flask of rum and peed yourself laughing!)

TTFN. Galx



  1. I LOVE panto... was in a couple when I was younger, i had such a ball! Look forward to you sharing some costume snaps!

    1. I shall certainly share my costume when I have made the jolly thing; such fun!

  2. I got brave and went to an audition! Got the part I wanted, such fun. I too waited too long to tread the boards. I can't wait…..

    1. Yay! And very well deserved too - good luck with Stanley :)

  3. Classic GAL xxxx

  4. Remember Frankie too,swim little fishes as fast as you can !


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