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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Well hello there 2014!

I missed you!
Hello darlings - sorry for being so silent for the last 3 weeks or so - shame on me being too disorganised and busy to put out a blog post!  As promised, here I am in my panto costume pulling some suitably silly faces (turns out I am good at silly faces).   You may notice that I took the opportunity to wear the vintage frock that I told you about a while back in this post and I also made myself a pretty cleaning apron.  I did manage to complete a few small sewing projects over the festive season, but not a lot.   Such fun!

  The panto was a blast and I recommend it to you whole heartedly as a way of getting to know some new people and having a shed load of laughs.  I also dutifully scoffed humungous quantities of cheese and chuglit over the festive season.  I managed to lose 4 pounds before Christmas with my Cameo Apple Diet, but gave the diet up for 4 weeks as I just couldn't cope with dieting on top of studying, panto and Crimbo.  Back on the wagon this week though, grumble grumble, as I find my weight is back to where I started pre-diet.  Ho hum.

Did you notice the fabulously garish Pat Butcher style earrings that I wore for the panto - super aren't they?  I may start wearing them for the school run just to see how many parents and teachers dare to enquire if I have succumbed to having gin on my porridge.

 I haven't made any definitive New Years Resolutions as yet, but in essence, I just want to be more organised in every area of my life.  Disorganisation seems to strangle the life out of being creative, so enough already!

Thanks for reading last year and welcome to the new, improved, dynamic, organised, sexy Saucy Stitch of 2014! (Well, an old Gal can dream can't she?!)

Mwah, mwah, mwah! Galx


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