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Friday, 6 September 2013

Charity Shop SylvaC Haul

Charity Shop SylvaC Haul

Do three things make a haul?!  I'm not sure, but as SylvaC pottery doesn't pop up in charity shops very often, I think 'haul' is justified.

On my first day of freedom from Curly Girly (she went back to school yesterday) I managed to escape to my local charity shop for a quick gander at what was new.  I happened to arrive as they were unpacking a box filled with pretty SylvaC pottery.  They were just in the process of looking each item up on eBay to see what they should be charging.  Once again, the charity shop gods were smiling down on me and I tried not to hyperventilate as I waited for them to price things.  

There were about ten items in total but I only purchased my 3 favourites; well, it would have been greedy to buy them all up and try to sell them on eBay, just for the sake of it, wouldn't it?

First up we have this gorgeous Squirrel Tree Vase, looking cute and holding his nuts (I apologise, but I couldn't help a quick 'ooh err missus' moment).  The detail of the bark on this is wonderful.


Another cutie is the Deer Pin Dish; I am developing a crush on Bambi type pottery and ornaments which I am trying to resist.

Finally, this Autumn Leaf Vase makes me feel like it's time to go foraging in the woods and get the Aga fired up ready for the Autumn.  Each of the above items was £5, which I think was a very reasonable price to pay.  

I kept thinking about the pieces that I left behind and didn't buy but when I went back the next day, they had all gone of course.  But, as I said, I would have been buying them for the sake of it and that's just not why I do it.  

A few months ago, I found this cute SylvaC Rabbit Vase for about £3.  Even though she has a broken paw, I still love her; she looks so sweet standing outside her mushroom house waiting to go to casualty for a prosthetic arm!   I am not consciously collecting SylvaC pottery, but if I see something I like at a good price, then why not?

By the way, I am not sure why SylvaC is spelled with the deliberate capital C at the end, but I love it for all it's quirky, kitsch appeal.  

TTFN. Galx



  1. Another member of the SylvaC collective here , im sort of hooked on the green SylvaC , havent got a lot but it peers out here and there among the mountains of other strange stuff ive amassed, rabbits planters ,whats not to like?

    1. Oooh, I just found a green SylvaC pot holder, which I love!


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