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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Beautiful Blackberries!

Sunday Afternoon Tease
The glorious thing about Autumn is the the fabulous foraging for free food!

My current husband has been on a successful forage for blackberries and acquired some cooking apples from his parents' garden.  Blackberry and apple is a marriage made in heaven; I'm thinking pies,crumbles and cakes, not forgetting Bramble Jelly. 

Today we are talking crumble, because it has that bung it all in together kind of rough and tumble quality that I love in sweet cakey food.  I love the way you can add so many different combinations into a crumble until you have your own special blend of crumble magic.

I have taken inspiration from Fresh from the Freezer by Ghillie James and made a big batch of crumble today with a view to freezing it in handy sized portions.  I like the idea of having crumble mix already bagged up in the freezer to whip out when the fancy for a crumble overwhelms me, but I'm feeling too lazy to make it.  I used her recipe for an oaty crumble with demerara sugar but I like the idea of adding chopped nuts and coconut too for a bit of excitement.

Forgive me if I ooze a bit; a little bit of blackberry seepage through the crust of one's crumble topping is essential I find.

I trust that you will all be 'at it' this autumn (foraging darlings!) and encourage you to start thinking about experimenting with putting fruit in alcohol.  Last year I made a batch of Blackberry Bacardi and it was simply divine.

TTFN. Galx


  1. YUM! I made an apple cobbler 'oozed' too :)


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