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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Ozeri Kitchen Scales Review

Ozeri Touch Kitchen Scales
Twenty five years ago, my mum gave me some cast iron kitchen scales and I used these regularly until about a year ago.  I taught myself to bake using these scales with the help of Delia Smith's Complete Cookery Course book, they did the job.  After many years of service however, I retired them to sit on my kitchen dresser whilst I dabbled with their modern equivalent and I haven't looked back since

When I was asked to review the Ozeri Touch Kitchen Scales, I was really excited as my most recent scales had met with a little accident involving being left on a hot Aga - oops!

These Ozeri scales are gorgeous to look at; very slim and lightweight with a glossy black tempered glass platform.  In my kitchen, with the black marble work tops, they fit in perfectly.

As a baker, I need scales that I can rely on and the Ozeri scales are accurate to the gram.  You can use any bowl with these scales; just put your bowl on the platform and at the touch of a button you can get back to a zero reading.  This is great if you want to limit the amount of washing up you'll get left with.  I just pop on my food mixer bowl and weigh flour, butter, sugar etc in the same bowl; after each ingredient is weighed you press the button to reset it to zero.

The accuracy of these scales allows you to weigh things in tiny amounts which I imagine might be useful if you were calorie counting or weighing letters/small packages for posting.  My chickens lay eggs in all shapes and sizes and the accuracy of these scales allows me to be exact in the amount of egg I am using in a recipe.  

You can weigh in metric and imperial and both dry products and liquids.  Again, this is great for limiting the washing up, as no need to get the measuring jug out for milk etc as you can just use the one mixing bowl for everything.

I am very pleased with the performance of these scales so far and my only advice is that you can't just bung them in a drawer under other kitchen clutter as the shiny tempered glass will scratch.   I am going to keep them in their box, but as they are so slim, this doesn't really take up much room.  Oh, and you definitely shouldn't put them on your Aga!

You can buy these Ozeri Scales here on Amazon for the current price of £12.95.  The price compares with my previous scales, although the performance of the Ozeri is far better.  Apologies for the rubbish photos; the black tempered glass was highly reflective!

TTFN. Galx

Disclosure: I was sent these scales in return for reviewing them and all of the opinions given in this post are honest and my own. 


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