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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Beach Craftiness for Kids

Beach Craftiness for Kids 
 We ventured back to the beach over the weekend and it was gorgeously hot and sunny again.  Actually, it was too hot and sitting on the hot sand digging holes and making sand castles wasn't an option for long. There was also an explosion of annoying tiny black flies who had to be constantly brushed off our arms and legs; not bitey, just tickley and a bother.  Instead, Daddy took Curly Girly for a walk along the beach to collect interesting  things in her bucket. There was a bit of a breeze near the sea and some shallow pools to cool off in.

Things she found:
Small bits of drift wood
Interesting pebbles
Dried seaweed

We all know that you're not meant to cart home wheelbarrows full of pebbles from the beach, but we did take home a handful of 'special' ones.  Also, I'm not keen on the children picking up scabby feathers, but they always do!

Back at home in a shady corner of the garden, Daddy and Curly Girl set about making a little beach scene with their beach treasure. 

A recent blog post from Flossie Teacakes reminded me that painting pebbles is a great crafty activity for children.   I'm not sure that we could make as good a job as she did with her kids, but we'll enjoy trying!

When I was a child, I used to love looking at all the tacky shell covered ornaments and boxes you can buy in souvenir shops.  These are good fun to make if you have a strong enough glue to stop the shells falling off!  With this in mind, we remembered this little box which is filled with pretty little shells for decorating it; a long forgotten birthday gift, that I think would make a great crafty project this week.

This post is a part of The Play Agenda and  #Get Good Summer Linky Party and we are on the home straight now.  Can't believe that the summer has gone sooooo quickly!




  1. I remember tacky shell-covered trinket boxes!! SIL xx

  2. I'm so with you on the feathers. My boys love them and always want to tickle me with them. Not ideal when pregnant.


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