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Friday, 23 August 2013

Life's A Beach #2

Life's a Beach #2
Yesterday was a beach day and so we headed out early to get to Camber Sands by 10 am and get a good spot by the sand dunes.  It was quite an effort to get the girls up, dressed and breakfasted before half nine but we made it.

When we arrived at Camber, there was hardly anyone on the beach.  It was very peaceful and we could put out our beach rugs and set up camp wherever we liked.  Camber is a sandy beach and up near the dunes the sand is fine and dry; a good place to settle down and watch the beach as it starts to fill up.

Ingredients for Perfect Beach Day
  • A take away frothy coffee from the Kit Kat Cafe; this cafe is on the beach at Camber and seems to have been there forever.  You young people won't remember that frothy coffee's used to be what we drank before the Cappuccino came along.
  • Soft sand for the kids to play in and for me to dig my toes into.  I love the feel of sand on my feet and its exfoliating properties. 
  • The sound of the sea.  The soothing, rhythmic, swooshing of the waves is trance inducing and good for the soul.  It must remind us of being in the womb or something daft like that.
  • The sun!  The combination of warm sun on bare skin that is in contact with hot sand is wonderful and so much better than any expensive therapy or spa treatment.
  • People Watching.  The British on a day out to the beach are a fascinating species!

Oh, and just one more thing, a day at the beach allows me to shout out 'sandy gussets!' on the journey home for my own amusement and to embarrass my children.


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  1. Oooo I wish I was on the beach right now!!

    Great blog. I am now following, would love you to follow mine too :p



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