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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Despicable Summer Holidays!!!

Despicable Summer Holidays!!!
 At the end of last week, we took advantage of a rainy day and went to see Despicable Me 2.  What a joy this film is - the girls and I loved it and I think I chortled louder than anyone else in the cinema.  I have a bit of a crush on Gru, no really, I think he's adorable; it's the Dara O'Briain thing he's got going on, I guess.  Oh come on, don't tell me that you don't fancy Dara a teeny bit too?!

You may remember our Summer Holiday Hit List that we started at the beginning of the school hols and seeing this film was on our list, so a big tick there.  

I shared with you a few weeks ago that I won tickets to the Odeon cinema with Mumsnet, so the cinema trip was a freebie, hurrah!  We haven't been to the Odeon for years as we have a small local cinema which gives a far superior cinema experience in my view.  Very comfy seating and about a five minute drive from home.  You can take a glass of wine into the cinema with you  (woohoo!) and they do delicious cappuccino's at a reasonable (normal) price.

What a shock it was when I went to buy the girls a snack and a drink at the Odeon - what-a-mistake-to-make!  Normally, we would take a couple of bags of sweets and drinks cartons with us to the cinema, but on this occasion I was disorganised and forgot.  When I went to purchase one small bottle of water and the smallest possible tub of popcorn, I was asked to part with more than £7!  Has the world gone mad?!

Boy, do I sound like a grumpy old fart but to be fair, the sweet girl serving us did offer to give us cups of tap water for free.  In the end we went for the lesser evil of a pre-packaged kids snack deal and got lumbered with some 'free' plastic drinks cups advertising the next kids film.  More tut to litter the house with, grrrr.

Listen to me carefully, I will say this only once;

 disorganisation is the enemy of thrift!

I am grateful for the free tickets, but I won't be rushing back to the Odeon.  We'll stick to our lovely Kino Digital cinema with reasonably priced beverages and snacks!  Oh and don't get me started on the 25 minutes of trailers before the film - sheesh!   

If you haven't seen the film yet, then do go because it will make you smile and laugh out loud.




  1. Hilarious outrage at the cost of snacks :-) we haven't seen it yet. My boys are 3 and 1 so no need to rush to the cinema yet

    1. Oh, you have that joy to come and remember to take your own snacks!!

  2. It's so true... We barely ever go to the cinema now as its o expensive. Well done on ticking something off your bucket list! Thanks for linking p to #GetGoodSummer


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