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Friday, 26 July 2013

Charity Shop Crafty Haul

Charity Shop Crafty Haul

You are going to love this haul of rubber stamps and crafty bits that I found in my local charity shop a few weeks ago.  This find was so timely for the summer holidays too!

So, I was minding my own business, rummaging through a box of old china, when I spotted a hessian bag nestling on a shabby green sofa.  Further investigation revealed it to be chockablock with wood mounted rubber stamps.  Hurrah!

We already have quite a collection of rubber stamps and from time to time we get them out for a crafting session.  Stamps like these are not cheap and the larger ones cost about £5 each, so you can imagine how cool it was to find so many.  

The bag full of crafting goodies was a mere £15!  For this we got 

50 rubber stamps approx
Complete set Alphabet Stamps
20 Novelty punches
Ink Stamps
Other stamping accessories

There were Easter and Christmas themed stamps and lots of animals and fairies too; I can see us making a lot of home made cards this year!  

My girls have always loved 'stamping' and even my big girl in her twenties still enjoys it.  Curly girly needs a bit of supervision to stop her stamping the table cloth and giving herself tattoos!  The boring bit is cleaning them, but I usually do that whilst they create.  We just need a cheap supply of card and off we go.  You can buy stamps like these from Sticky Tiger, but hunt around online for a bargain.

This is another reason to love charity shops; the complete randomness of the things you find.

Hope you enjoyed sharing my crafting haul with you.   May the charity shop gods be with you!




  1. Brilliant find - well done! Sounds like there'll be hours and hours of entertainment to be had out of this bargain!

  2. Wow, absolute bargain!! Those stamps are so pricey to buy brand new individually! Look forward to seeing your creations xxx

    1. I am hoping the girls will make all our christmas cards this year, but they will have to start soon to get them all done! x


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