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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Grown Up Chocolate Cake

Sunday Afternoon Tease

Look at this dark chocolate beauty; a stunner isn't she?  I have delved into the wonderful Delia's Cakes book that I referred to in last Sunday's Afternoon Tease, for this recipe.

The minute I read the recipe and saw the picture, I was hooked.  Almond and dark chocolate are a winning combination in my view.

Now, I should advise you that this cake is a bit of a faff.  It requires you to grate 175 grams of dark chocolate and I found this to be quite time consuming; I did it by hand but I guess you could try it with the attachment on a food processor.   You also need to separate your eggs and fold in the whisked egg whites carefully at the end.  

You know me, I'm a big fan of the bung-it-all-in-together type of recipe, but I had a feeling that this cake might be a bit special and worth the effort.  In fact, good old Delia herself declares this cake to be 'magnificent'.  

Was she worth it?  Yes, I think she was.  I tasted it when it was still warm and can imagine it would do very well as dessert with some chilled pouring cream.  It is most definitely a grown up chocolate cake and not the kind you whiz up for the kids.   The dark chocolate filling and topping give it a subtle bitter edge, but she is also moist and nutty (yes, come on, an 'ooh err missus' is called for here).  The dark chocolate flakes give her a very appealing freckled complexion.  

I would suggest that you make this cake on a Sunday morning whilst listening to The Archers' omnibus with a cup of proper coffee on the go.  

If you would like to try this gorgeous chocolate cake, then you can find the recipe in Delia's Cakes.  




  1. Good god! This cake looks delicious! May have to give the recipe a try, all though as you say it does sound like a bit of a faff. Thanks for sharing, so happy I stumbled across your lovely blog! xx

    1. Oh, thank Toni-Louise - lovely to meet you and thanks for visiting. I shall pop over to lemon freckles (lovely name) x

  2. Oh my god this cake looks incredible!! I wish I could taste some through the screen!! Grating all that chocolate sounds very long winded though. Perhaps you could chop finely using a sharp knife? xxx

    1. I know, I thought about switching to chopping it up, but I was determined to finish the grating once I started! (silly aren't I?!)

  3. Yum, I am hungry all of a sudden!


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