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Friday, 5 July 2013

Charity Shop Child's Play

Charity Shop Child's Play

I rarely ever buy toys from charity shops, but sometimes I see something that is a bit unusual and catches my eye. 

 When I found this vintage doll's high chair for £3.50, I couldn't resist it.  It's quite dinky but perfect for a small dolly or teddy.   My daughter has a lot of baby dolls and rag dolls who she refers to as her 'children'.  She likes to play at being a grown up mummy and asks granny (me!) to look after them whilst she goes to work.  

I could paint it, but I won't as I love the shabby chic look and the little vintage toy stencils.  It reminded me of other wooden dolls furniture that I've picked up over the last few years.

Look at this motley crew huddled together in their lovely vintage dolls crib.  They look like they live in a sinister dolls orphanage and as ever, they are mostly naked.  They have plenty of clothes, but this lot seem to prefer to go 'au naturale'.  Perhaps they've started a dolly nudist colony?

Some of these dolls were previously owned by older cousins; I love they way that toys get handed down in families.  One of them looks like she's been in a fight, one looks drunk and another has a dead hard hair cut.  You don't want want to be messing with these girls!

This dolls bunk bed was a great find and cost about a fiver. It has far more charm than the hideous pink plastic dolls furniture that abounds in the shops.  

Finally, a cute china cat I found for a few pence.  She reminds me of Marie, the sweet little girl kitten from the Aristocats.  Looks like she's hoping to catch Tweety Pie in the bird bath.

If anyone has a doll who fancies a bit of a holiday and who doesn't mind sleeping on the top bunk, then we may be able to accommodate her if she doesn't wet the bed.

Do your dollies live in style or are they slumming it?

Have a super duper weekend.  GALx


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