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Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Perfect Flapjack

Sunday Afternoon Tease

There is nothing like the oaty, buttery smell of flapjacks baking.  The smell of them draws the family to the kitchen to hover expectantly by the oven.  The minute they're out of the oven, cooling in the tin, the children are desperate to get hold of one. 

'Are they ready yet?'
As soon as my back is turned, my current husband is sneaking a slice of the still hot flapjack and scalding his mouth on syrupy, oaty goodness.

I've started washing and keeping the empty Lyle's Golden Syrup tins.  They are way too good to be thrown away or recycled.  Perhaps if I banged some holes in the bottom with a nail, they could be used to grow herbs on the window sill?  I have used the squeezy bottles of Golden Syrup but I just love having the green and gold iconic tin sitting on my shelf.

Crunchy or Chewy?
Some people prefer their flapjacks to have a tooth breaking crunch to them. Personally, I think the softer chewier kind are more child and teeth friendly.  I struggled with various recipes that didn't quite give the right chewy consistency, until I discovered Miranda Gardiner's recipe on the Waitrose website.

What makes these flapjacks perfect for me is the addition of half a tin of condensed milk.  They keep their soft texture and don't harden up like others do. You can invite granny round for tea in the safe knowledge that she won't break her dentures on them.

Hop on over to the Waitrose website for the recipe here.  The list of ingredients is enough to make your dentist cry; let's not kid ourselves, there is a shed load of sugar in these.  Oh, but oats are good for you though aren't they?!

Make these for your Sunday Afternoon Tease today and watch them disappear before your very eyes.




  1.'s almost 9:00 pm here and I'm hungry :)

  2. Mmm yum! Love the idea of reusing the tins as plant pots! Would look really cool! X

    1. I shall pop them on my windowsill and probably forget about them until the potting compost goes dry and the seeds shrivel up!


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