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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Picnic Basket Lust

Picnic Basket Lust

It's National Picnic Week, hurrah!  I wonder who decides these things?  I am tempted to organise my own national week; any ideas?  National Free Champagne Week, perhaps.

So, grab an eyeful of this wonderful blue picnic set above.  Oh how I have lusted after her and wanted her to be mine.  She was spotted at the Wealden Country Fair, being sold by Shelley of Winifred's Daughter.  My husband could see her charm but, alas, even though the sun was out and he was in good spirits, he couldn't be persuaded to part with £98 for her.

My Ingredients for a Perfect Picnic

Basket: I picked up this wicker picnic hamper this morning for £5 from my local charity shop - the picnic gods were smiling down on me today.

Blanket: This crocheted granny blanket was not made by me, but some other, more talented granny.  The colours are a bit wacky, but it was only a fiver and I love it.

China: Well, of course I have some CK melamine that is used on a daily basis but given the choice, I would take some of these lovely vintage plates.  There is absolutely no point in them languishing in my dining room collecting dust, so they are coming on my picnic.  I found these some years ago in a charity shop, £5 for the plates and some rosy bowls.

Tea:  I shall take a flask of tea and decant into this curvy little chrome tea pot.  This was £6 and I use it almost every day.  It had about thirty years of tannin clinging to the inside, but cleaned up beautifully.  Or are you one of those people who think that tea tastes better if you never wash the pot? 

Cake:  Say no more.  I like to take a whole cake and cut it up into fat wedges.  Makes me feel all Enid Blyton and Famous Five, so I recommend you wash it down with lashings of ginger beer!

Quiche:  A slab of sausage quiche does the trick nicely.

Happy National Picnic Week everyone.



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