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Friday, 21 June 2013

Charity Shop-tastic

Charity Shop-tastic

This week has been really exciting for me in terms of blogging.  My Charity Shop Shenanigans post  appeared on A Thrifty Mrs blog in her new weekly feature, Thrifty and Found.  I have been following Mrs Thrifty's blog for the last couple of years and she is blogging royalty when it comes to saving money and time.  Her house keeping tips are inspiring and she regularly alerts her readers to bargains and special offers.  So a big thank you to El aka Mrs Thrifty for giving me the opportunity.  

It has been a little sparse in terms of charity shop goodies this week.   I have spent very little and picked up some unusual items for no reason other than I inexplicably liked them and they were dirt cheap.

First we come to this glorious retro nightie.  It is pure 1970's in colour and design and I love it for this.  The thin cotton is not of a particularly good quality, but it was fiffty pence and I have definitely had my moneys worth in terms of nostalgia.  Maybe it seems like a waste of money to you, but it was only 50p and if all it turns out to be is a charitable donation, then I'm happy.  I actually think I can re-use it, because that print it begging to be reincarnated as something.

You're thinking that I must have been as daft as the proverbial to buy this vintage hair brush for another fifty pence, aren't you?  Perhaps some of you feel a bit itchy and squeamish by the thought of a second hand hair brush?! Not me; I like it.  I have no intention of brushing my hair with it and after a little disinfectant, I think my family will be safe from the 'vintage hair plague'.  Don't ask me what I'm going to do with it because I haven't got a clue.  What am I like?

There have been some sensible purchases; I haven't totally lost the plot.  There were some Top Shop jeggings for my twelve year old daughter and this cute little Boden nightie for £1.50 for my curly girly.  You can't beat flannelette for those cold winter nights.

My best find of the week was the wicker hamper-come-picnic basket that I found yesterday for £5 and appeared in my National Picnic Week post.  This is destined to be lined in pretty fabric,  filled with home made goodies and given as a Christmas present.  Yes, I know it's only June.  I'm not actively looking for Christmas presents, but if I spot something then I buy it now and put it away until it's time to get festive.  Imagine it packed with home made chutney, jam, biscuits, fudge, apron, damson gin etc etc

A cheeky little request from moi; if you have the time and inclination I would be grateful if you could pop on over to the Dorset Cereal website here, to vote for my blog in their Little Blog Awards.

Fingers crossed for a decent haul next week.  Thank you for reading.




  1. Hi, I found your blog via mumsnet. I'm tabbycat7 :)
    I've enjoyed looking at the treasures you've found!

  2. Hi Tabbycat, pleasure to meet you. Not many treasures today, but I am on a mission next week! GAL x

  3. These are brilliant! Love the retro nighty!! Thanks for following my blog. Love your posts and am following you now too :-) xxx

    1. Hello Cinders, I just love your name! Lovely to meet you and thank you for following.

      GAL x


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