Saturday, 18 October 2014

Crafty Foxes

October is one of our favourite months here at Saucy Towers not least because the month kicks off with a certain Giddy Aunt's birthday.  This year, I decided to spend my birthday at the local Kitsch and Stitch Vintage and Makers Fair, selling some lovely gubbins.  This was my second time as a seller and I really enjoyed myself, chatting with the other stallholders and looking at the wonderful things they had for sale.  It requires a huge amount of restraint not to spend all your profits on the goodies being sold by your stall holder chums.

For the first time, I made a couple of things to sell alongside my vintage wonders and I think this went really well.  The Foxy Friend Pillows above are made in a lovely soft brushed tartan fabric, with some vintage fabric for the nose and ears; a cosy and cheerful little addition to anyone's sofa I think.   The snuggly foxy scarf above is a prototype for some faux fox stoles that I am making to sell at the next Kitsch and Stitch.  This little chap never made it to my stall as he was snaffled up by my curly girly to warm her own little neck but that was all fine and dandy as the pattern needs a tweak or two.

I've seen these felt autumn leaves everywhere on Pinterest and decided to make some to decorate my stall; really easy and very effective.  I used this leaf template and got some felty inspiration from here; I used a sewing machine to make the vein detail in my leaves as I was too impatient to hand embroider something fancier, but they still came out well I reckon.  I added them to a long length of brown ribbon, draped them across my stall and although I hadn't intended to, I ended up selling them to a lovely punter.   

I wish I had taken some nice pictures of my stall in all its glory but I was cream crackered after setting up and needed to pop out for a frothy coffee and a bacon roll to gather muster before things kicked off!  I honestly had no idea before I did my first vintage fair, just how much effort is involved in the preparations; the ironing of fabric and vintage table linen, the washing and careful packaging of glassware and china, the label writing and not least, the lugging of very heavy boxes up the huge staircase to the hall!  But in the words of Penny; Such fun!

October has been a fab month so far and it's all set to end in a spectacular way with the arrival of my son and daughter in laws first baby.  There is much excitement at Saucy Towers as we anticipate his arrival and we can't wait to trundle down to Somerset to meet him.  

Hope you are enjoying your Autumn and keeping chipper;  Galx

PS: This post is linking up with Claire at Clarina's Contemplations for her Savouring the Season Linky :) 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Vintage Woodland Kitsch

I am hoping, like Lucy from the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, that although I feel like I've been missing from the blogosphere for ages and ages, in reality, it's only been a couple of minutes!  What can I say?  My routine has been a little different these last few weeks and my normal bloggy time has been hijacked by other activities but all this is a PATHETIC excuse really and I have given myself a good ticking off (ooh err missus!) and a 'can do better' in red pen on my derriere.

I think we can officially declare that Autumn has arrived and I am happy to welcome it even though the days are getting shorter and a tad cooler.  Looking back, on the last day of the summer hols I took my girls for a day out in Hastings where I found these adorable Goebel bunnies for a mere snip in a charity shop.  I particularly love the little rabbit with the snowdrop drooping from his mouth.

I have developed a little bit of a thing for cutesy deer ornaments and this doe eyed lovely winked at me from my local charity shop a couple of weeks ago; I just lurve me a bit of kitsch.   About a year ago I blogged about my Charity Shop Sylvac Haul which featured more woodland cuties in the form of bambis and squirrels and much as I really love all these things, I may sell some of them to clear the decks a bit.  The thing about collecting vintage bits and pieces is that it has a tendency to take over your house until your dining room bursts at the seams as you attempt to smuggle in a few more 'bargains'. 

This gorgeous old mixing bowl was my most recent charity shop find and has Mortlocks of Oxford Street stamped on her behind.  She looks pretty old and shows signs of having seen plenty of beating and whisking action in her day; I completely love her and she is currently sitting out her retirement on my kitchen window sill.   

I always feel that my old farmhouse really glows during the Autumn months leading up to the festive season;.  The resident spiders and their extended families have all woken up and decided to bid us a seasonal hello from every corner of the house and it feels time to get the chimney swept in readiness for some crackling good fires to warm us of an evening.  

I trust that you are all savouring the beginning of Autumn too; I am linking this post up with Claire from Clarina's Contemplations and her Savouring the Season linky.   I'm off to climb into the wardrobe as I have a hot date with Mr Tumnus!  

TTFN. Galx
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