Friday, 21 November 2014

Seasonal adventures in Upcycling and Crafting

At last there seems to be a seasonal chill in the air and although I'm not a fan of the cold or extremes in temperature, I do love to have defined seasons. I like the feeling of hunkering down in my living room with an open fire and a pile of craft books on a cold evening or propping my bottom on the Aga whilst warming my cockles with a mug of Pukka Three Ginger Tea.
 This was my view whilst I sewed at the Cowshed workshop yesterday and I take no credit for the beautiful stag other than snapping the photo. He was made by the enormously creative Seren; he looks so majestic and I would love to have one of these in my garden.

I'm busy preparing for the Kitsch and Stitch Fair next weekend and sewing up some pretties for Curly Girl's school Christmas fair the week after (more snuggly foxy pillow pals).  Last night I joined some lovely girls from the PTFA for a Christmas garland making session with buckets of fresh bay leaves and fragrant dried fruit and cinnamon sticks.  I'm not in full on Christmas mode yet; it's just ticking along in the background for now whilst I focus on more pressing matters, such as the current husband's birthday.  

I've been doing a little upcycling on a couple of old sewing boxes to sell at the Kitsch and Stitch; a little Annie Sloan chalk paint and some vintage decals will soon have this box looking her best.  I seem to have accumulated 6 vintage sewing boxes in need of a makeover; I find it very difficult to resist them when they flash a saucy vintage leg at me from a dusty corner of a charity shop.  You may remember me telling you about this saucy sewing basket a while ago; I sold her at my first Kitsch and Stitch and was glad to see her go to a new home.  

The latest addition to my flock is a real retro looking gal and in pretty good condition considering her age; I love the Jetsons feel to the shape of the box. She's in really good nick but I'm not keen on the strange nubbly fabric covering, so that definitely has to go.  

I knew I'd seen a revamped version of the same style sewing box somewhere and eventually stumbled across it in one of my favorite sewing books, Chloe Owens 'Tells You How to Sew'.  I adore Chloe's style and would love to achieve something similar with my old sewing box.  I don't have a cat and I fear Mr Wilf would be a tad on the large size for using it as a dog bed!

Let's have a big 'aaaaahhhh!' for Mr WIlf in a basket.

Once again, I am linking up with Claire over at Clarina's Contemplations for her Savouring the Season linky and Victoria at Vevivos for her Post Comment Love linky #PoCoLo.  Go take a look-see at what's going on over at their blogs.

Hope you are keeping snuggly and warm under a granny blanket and enjoying a cheeky tot of something in your afternoon tea.  

TTFN. Galx

Friday, 31 October 2014

Quirky Quilts

This particular quirky quilt is a little vintage number I found in a charity shop a few weeks ago.  It's single sized, unfinished and clearly begun it's life in the 1970's.  

I think this quilt is quirky because it seems to have been made with a hotchpotch of fabrics that look like they've been salvaged from other things; maybe an old frock or two or perhaps some bedding or a table cloth.  It's not going to win any beauty contests, but I like the way that some crafty soul has managed to create something thrifty and modestly pretty through recycling.  

You can see all the hard work that's gone into this piece of patchwork from the reverse of it; I admire anyone who had the patience to hand sew this many little hexagons.  I believe this is what is known as English Paper Piecing in the quilty world.  Florence from Flossie Teacakes has a nice little post about EPP; she is a total goddess in the world of the sewing blogger so you should go check her out.  I'm not sure what to do with it though?  Should I/could I sell it on Ebay as is or should I/could I finish it off and keep it/sell it?  Let me know what you think. 

You might remember that I told you about my plans to make my first quilt?  I very quickly got the strips of fabric sewn up but then didn't have any wadding, so it got put aside and I confess that I forgot about it for a long while.  I've dug it out of the WIP pile and will finish it off in the next couple of weeks. (Oh yes I will!)

Although I should finish that strip quilt before I start a new one, I just couldn't stop myself from buying these super retro fabrics; they are called Rocket Age and are by Riley Blake.  I have plans to make a cot bed quilt for my newest grandson with them based on the instructions in the Nicki Trench book, A Passion for Quilting. 

Recently my current husband had some work shirts that had seen better days in the elbow department and it seemed such a waste to throw them out.  I cut the backs out of two or three of the shirts and ended up with a good amount of checked and striped blue fabric to cut up into squares for the quilt.  I should point out that he does not and has never to my knowledge owned a Star Trek themed work shirt!  I like the idea of little Freddy (new grandson) having a quilt that incorporates some of his Pop's shirts; does that seem quirky to you?  In Nicki's book, she shows a quilt that she made for her adult daughter that mixed fabric from favourite childhood dresses and bedroom curtains with newer quilting cottons.  I love this idea and it completely inspired me for the cot bed quilt.

I hope to have Freddy's quilt ready for Christmas; I can't tell you how much fun it is choosing fabric to make things for him!  

It's a quirky TTFN from Saucy Towers; have a fabby super duper weekend. Galx
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