Thursday, 29 January 2015

Jumpstarting my Mojo!

My mojo has been a bit limp and flabby and lacking it's usual vavavoom for what feels like ages; the poor little thing is in need of some tlc.  You might remember how I told you all about my battle with my muffin top a little over a year ago in My Big Weigh In post.  Sadly, I somehow managed to increase the size of my middle aged spread over the course of last year instead of shedding it!  It turns out that eating toast for breakfast,elevenses, lunch, dinner and supper does not make for a healthy diet or encourage weight loss! Quelle surprise.  

I realise that a Gal can't live on toast or cake alone and that nutritionally I need to give myself a kick up the bum, so for the last two weeks I've changed the way I eat. Although, naturally, I want to lose a few pounds and feel lighter, my main concern has been to stop eating so much bread and to introduce lots of veg and pulse based healthy mains and some super healthy fruit and veg smoothies.    

So far, I'm doing pretty well and I'm feeling much much better for it.  I don't seem to be able to have bread in moderation, so I'm mostly cutting it out for now and replacing it with healthier options, like smoothies and fruity porridge for breakfast, soup and warm salads for lunch etc. I have eaten some homemade naan bread with my curry last week but that was good and didn't set me off on a 3 day toast binge.

For some healthy foodie inspiration, I've been turning to some lovely books and great blogs.  My favourite healthy eating blog is written by Laura at Wholeheartedly Healthy .  Laura's blog is full of great healthy recipes and advice and as her blog title suggests, she has a holistic approach to health and well being.  Through reading Laura's blog, I've been introduced to all kinds of interesting new ingredients and ideas for how to use them. Why don't you pop over to Laura's brilliant blog and have a gander at the yummy recipes. 

The Hemsley sisters have a brilliant and inspiring newish book, Hemsley and Hemsley; The Art of Eating Well.  Once again, their focus is on whole, plant based foods with amazingly creative recipes that steer clear of gluten and refined sugar.  I don't have a gluten problem but I ADORE the recipes in this book.  I've had a little dabble and I'm really enjoying the recipes I've tried so far; the black bean and feta burgers were yummy and filling and I like the cauliflower 'rice' too. The salads are wonderfully inventive and appealing and I think I could happily live on them once the weather turns a bit warmer.

  I'm particularly keen to try making the raw Chocolate Avocado Mousse and BB Brownies (made with black beans).  There are lots of recipes on their website too, so you don't need to buy the book.  Have any of you lovely lot tried using avocado in a choc based dessert?  I can see that the idea of pulses in a cake might seem unappealing, but hey, surely it's no different to putting carrots and beetroot in cakes?  

I'm also turning to my old favourites for some healthy recipe suggestions; River Cottage Veg Every Day is jam pack full of great warming soup and hearty salad recipes.  Oooh, I love me a bit Hugh-FW.  You could also have a look at Deliciously Ella for some healthy recipe inspiration; her recipe book is out today and on my Amazon wish list.

It's not all about counting calories for me but I have lost 4 pounds or so which is a Brucey bonus, hurrah!  I'm not claiming to be uber-virtuous and I've not gone vegan or given up gin (heaven forbid!) but I'm definitely feeling healthier: my insides must appreciate the effort I'm making.  

If only I could drag my sorry arse off to do some exercise! That's next on the list.  Gosh, that was a long post; stick with me and I'll give you my verdict on the avocado choc mousse next week.

Until then, it's cheerio from me and my reviving mojo.  TTFN. Galx

PS All the gorgeous fruit n veg were photographed this morning in my local Hartley Dyke Farm shop 

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Vintage Sunshine

I thought I'd show you my latest charity shop find on this grey, dull and cold January day.  It's a lovely pop of vintage sunshine to cheer you up and make you smile.

I haven't been very active in my charity shop hunting for quite a while now; this is mostly a conscious decision to not bring more 'stuff' into the house.  I need to clear the decks, de-stash, slim down, cull clothes and lighten up.  I need to be a lot more selective in what I buy and make sure it earns it's place in my home.

But then last week I find myself pottering around a local town with my current husband and in the blink of an eye, I've slipped into the door of a CS and stumbled across this lovely old dinner service.  Two large platters, a gravy tureen, dinner, tea and side plates, all hand painted with pretty spring flowers.

I tried to be good and started out the door, wistfully remarking to my CH how much I loved it.  Bless his heart, he whipped out a note from his wallet and indulgently indicated that I should go back in and buy it.  Hurrah!  One very happy Gal.  The dresser in my kitchen is a bit small for displaying the dinner service, but I couldn't bare to stuff it away in a cupboard, so there it sits.  It's a little promise of Spring and the warmer days to come.  I can't wait to get sowing flower seeds and planning for the vegetable plot.    Happy days.

Hope this little bit of Vintage Sunshine has brightened your day.

Keep your pecker up!  Galx

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