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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Making Sewing Plans in Winter #snowdaysewday

Brrrrrrr! I woke up on Tuesday morning to discover we had been transported into Narnia and fully expected to see Mr Tumnus standing in my garden (or I'd have settled for James McAvoy). Snow is beautiful and magical and all that malarkey but I am not a fan.  Time to dream and make sewing plans for the rest of the year.  Firstly, I would really like to sew some clothes for myself - I never, ever do this and the reason is mostly that I worry I wont be able to make any adjustments needed.  I have a capacious bosom and any dress is going to need a full bust adjustment for sure.  I am slim of hip and have no defined waist to speak of now I have tumbled ungraciously in middle age.  This makes me sound like a Telly Tubby with large breasts.  However, I digress, back to sewing plans. I feel it's best to start with some easy separates for now as making a frock seems too daunting.

Every year, I follow all the sewing bloggers who are taking part in the annual sew-fest that is #MeMadeMay and pledge that next year, I'm going to join in.  I never do, because I would have nothing to wear, unless you include cushion covers with pompoms or I could always wrap a string of bunting around myself in an alluring manner.  It's not that I don't have the sewing patterns or the fabric to get me started on sewing clothes for myself.  I just have to take the plunge (I love that word, plunge ) - this blog post is beginning to sound like an episode of Miranda!

Even if I can't wear something I have made every day in May, I could at least have some things and join in a bit, couldn't I?  So, here are things I plan to make....

I've had this pattern since the beginning of winter and I like the cocoon shape of this coat - I have some lovely Aztec print wool fabric that is destined to get made into the Sapporo.  This is the very first piece of clothing I plan to make so that I can get some wear out of it before the glorious sunny weather we will have in May arrives(wishful thinking)

The Aztec  fabric is currently available from The Village Haberdashery for a very reasonable £8 a meter.  I know it's got that 'Navaho blanket' look going on, but I happen to love it, even if it makes me look like Clint Eastwood in his poncho.

Next, I am planning to make a lot of Scout Tees.  This is a really easy tee shirt pattern for woven fabrics - I have lots of small amounts of woven fabric that would be just enough for a lovely scout top.  It seems to be really versatile and a good staple.

I am lucky enough to live within half an hours drive from Merchant and Mills and bought this gorgeous indigo spot fabric from there a couple of years ago. This would make a luuuuuuverly Scout tee.

I also have some lush washed linen fabric in powder blue which could do another Scout but I think I might have a go at a Merchant and Mills pattern with it. This washed linen came from eBay and I am really pleased with the quality of it. The linen fabrics in Merchant and Mills are utterly gorgeous and I love stroking the linen rolls when I visit(it's totally ok to do that, the sales assistants are used to people coming to worship fabric at the shop).  But, they are pricey, so I'll stick to my eBay linen for now.

I have the Merchant and Mills Workbook which is full of simple patterns suitable for using with linen fabrics.

Lastly, for today at any rate, is the Linden Sweatshirt.  I've had this pattern for ages and also some jersey fabric I bought for a snip from Girl Charlee.  This pattern has been around for a long while and if I can get my over locker sorted out with new needles and re-threaded after a sewing-with-sequins related disaster, then I can give this pattern a go.
So, that's a start on my sewing plans for 2018.  I realise I am just planning on making top halves so I will be a bit chilly in the nether regions!  Perhaps you have some pattern recommendations for me to help me with my #MeMadeMe plans, if so, I would love to hear them.

Whilst I dream of May, the Beast from the East is raging outside and we are staying safe at home. That must mean it's a #snowdaysewday !!

TTFN from Saucy Towers xx


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