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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Cornwall is Gert Lush!

It's the summer hols and we Brits are experiencing some proper summer weather which we are trying hard not to complain about. But, can I just say that it has been chuffin' hot! 

We have left Saucy Towers in safe hands whilst we are on our hols in Polzeath; we're enjoying long sunny, sandy days on the big surfers beach cheek by jowl with the world and his wife and their kids and dogs to boot!  The beach is heaving and the sea is full of wetsuit clad body boarders who bob up n down like seals in the surf, trying to catch a wave.

We started off our holiday with our marvellous tradition of a seafood lunch and cheeky glass of vino at Fresh from the Sea in Port Isaac, which was proper 'Gert Lush'!  My daughter in law taught me this  wonderfully descriptive West Country term and it goes a long way to describing all the delicious food we associate with Cornwall.  This week, I am mostly eating pasties, clotted cream and scones, fish and chips, crab sandwiches and ice cream; my middle aged spread is coming along nicely, thanks for noticing! 

I love Cornwall, although I prefer it in the autumn when there are fewer tourists and the changeable weather gives the Cornish coastline a moody, dramatic edge to it.  I feel a strong spiritual connection to Cornwall and somehow don't feel like a tourist, although of course I am.  

I'm using the blogger app on my mobile to write this post and it's pretty clunky to use but I thought it was time to touch base with the blogosphere.  The whirling dervish that is the end of the school summer term took hold and sadly this little blog got neglected. 

It's almost four in the afternoon and I believe it is now compulsory whilst on your hols to partake in a jaunty little tipple of the alcoholic variety, hurrah! 

TTFN from the beach. Gal x 

PS I have done a little edit on this post since coming home as it was a bit scrappy x


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