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Monday, 2 December 2013

Christmas Fun!

The Christmas Fun Starts Here!
Are you starting to get in the mood for some festive frolics yet?  I thought I might help you on your way by suggesting some fun stuff on-line that you can get creative and have a play with.  

Elf Yourself
I can't believe that it has taken me so long to discover ElfYourself as it's been around for a long while, but I just love it!  Simply upload up to five images of family or friends (or pets!) and watch yourselves as dancing elves who boogie around to some groovy Christmas tunes.  You can change the music and dance style to Hip Hop/80's/Charleston and have some fun by watching your nearest and dearest jigging like a mad elf.  You can download this as an app too; so what are you waiting for?  Go Elf Yourself here!   Sorry if the dancing Gals on the sidebar are too noisy; at least you can turn the volume down on the video, which you can't do in real life (bad luck current husband) - I will take it off it gets too annoying!

Email Santa
For the last 2 or 3 years my girls have sent their letter to Santa on-line via this website; they can fill out their details of first name, age and what they want for Christmas and get a response back from Santa within a few minutes.  There are some silly elf voices whilst your email to Santa travels to the North Pole and then a little video of Santa, who gives you a personal message.  It's all a bit naff and cheesy but curly girly loves it and is desperate to send her email; naturally, I always do this with my curly girl and of course I am not suggesting that your children give their personal details on-line without strict supervision from you.  There are probably much better sites than this one, but we kind of like it.  You can find here.

Santa Land with PicMonkey
I love PicMonkey for editing photo's and now they have their Christmas themes up, all ready for you to Christmasatise you pictures.  You can stick on beards, Santa hats, red noses and all sorts of gubbins.  You can use PicMonkey for free although there is some content that you do have to pay to use (Royale); I somehow got a free upgrade to Royale so have loads of extras but you can still have fun with the basics.  The kids can enjoy making their own Christmas Cards or just playing around with making granny look like an evil elf.  

Free Christmas Printables
You can rely on A Thrifty Mrs for pointing you in the right direction for some great freebies and she has a brilliant post with links to loads of free Christmas Printables.  There are tags, labels, cards, decorations and crafty stuff for kids too.  You know how much I love Mrs Thrifty and her fabulous blog, so go find the 

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  1. Loving all these little fun tips! Keep them coming!x


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