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Friday, 25 October 2013

The Cutting Edge of Charity Shops

We're in the Pink!
One of my favourite things to find in Charity Shops are sewing notions and tools;  I love to imagine the history behind each item and wonder what the previous owner made with them.  For example, last week I found these vintage pinking shears for £4 in my local Hospice Charity Shop.  Before I bought them, I asked if I could test them and the nice ladies in the shop gave me some fabric to hack up.  Good news is that they are still really sharp, of a high quality and in their original box. 

Earlier in the year I did a guest blog post over at A Thrifty Mrs; she is an awesome lady and probably my favourite ever blogger.  The post featured some of my best thrifty finds and in particular, the 1950's sewing box below.  The sewing box was stuffed to the gills with sewing notions, including seven pairs of vintage scissors.  I honestly did a jig in the shop when I paid over a mere £15 for this lovely old gal. 

My current husband gave her a little make over and she looks quite contemporary now; c'est chic, n'est pa?  Finding old sewing paraphernalia makes me come over all nostalgic for a long gone age when everyone sewed their own frocks and there was a general ethos to make do and mend.  Not that I'm old enough  to actually remember those days, you understand?!

I think this is my best ever find in a charity shop and I get a great deal of pleasure from looking at her.  You can find my original post featuring this sewing box over at A Thrifty Mrs, called Charity Shop Shenanigans.  Enjoy having a butchers at my vintage lovelies, darlings.



  1. c'est tres chic! xx

  2. Oh what finds!! I have a set of pinking shears that look a lot like those and love the sewing box!

  3. That sewing box is amazing! Current Husband did a great job!

    Love the pinking sheers...I've never seen anything good like that in our thrift stores.



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