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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

My Mahoosive Birthday

A Vintage Year
Last week I fell off the bloggy wagon whilst I celebrated my birthday; it was quite a milestone and we don't need to mention the numbers here, do we?!  It's amazing how many people like to give you a nice card with the big number on it, just in case you were in any danger of forgetting how old you are!  The day started well with breakfast at Juliets in the company of my current husband and little sister; a glass of fizz, a pot of tea and the best scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on toast, ever.

Current Husband did a super job with making sure I had a gorgeous bouquet of flowers; I adore the colours in this and the way the reds pop out at you.  Celebration number one involved a family dinner at a local restaurant and a small amount of fizz was consumed; you will be relieved to hear that I maintained my dignity on this occasion and did not over-indulge.  Celebration number two took place on the following evening;  I am a little sheepish to confess that I got as drunk as a giddy aunt and let my dignity slip a lot little.  It is reported that I flung my arms around my party guests and proclaimed my undying love for them with cries of, 'you're my favourite...(insert brother-in-law, son, auntie etc.)'.  Everyone was my favourite by the end of the evening!

Of course, there were some lovely pressies.  You may remember this vintage blue picnic set that I lusted after earlier in the year?  Well, CH bought her for me and hid her away to give me on my birthday as a present from my curly girly and I am looking forward to planning a posh picnic with this little beauty.  Ignore the price tag; this pic was taken at the country fair where our eyes first met across a crowded marquee.  

I don't have a birthday cake very often, as I am chief cake baker in the house, so it was super nice to have not one, but two birthday cakes made for me by the very talented Ketta of Flossie Pops Cakery. Vintage style cakes with  beautiful peony flowers that I didn't manage to photograph before they were eaten; sadly I was far too tipsy to operate my lovely new camera!  The above picture shows the abused peony after many children have nibbled little bits and gobbled up most of the cake.  Big brownie points to my CH for organising these cakes; such a lovely surprise and quite delicious.

It's good to be back to normal and we are now in the final preparations for the next mega event in our lives....the Dr Who 50th Anniversary on 23rd November my eldest son's wedding at the end of the month.

TTFN, Galx



  1. what a wonderful birthday weekend SIL x

    1. It was lovely; thank you for helping me celebrate SIL x

  2. And you are my favorite Saucy blog to read! Wishing you a very Merry Belated Birthday! Cheers :)

    1. Thank you Jeanna - I had a lovely birthday :) x


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