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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Learning to Crochet

Learning to Crochet at Hoop!

Last week, my tween-age Drama Queen and I visited  Hoop Haberdashery in Tenterden, Kent for a crochet workshop.    It was a very hot day, but we were kept nice and cool with a big fan and were really looked after by Hoop's owner, Vanessa.  

We went along to the Crochet and Chat workshop which lasts for an hour and a half and cost £10.  The workshop takes place in the back of the shop and apart from us, there was another lovely lady who was learning to crochet.

We were instructed by the ever patient Lesley, and I learned the basics in this time.  I've had a go at crochet once before, but not really got on with it.  This time however, the lovely Lesley helped me to get the knack.  Yes, I fumbled with my wool and felt pretty cack-handed but I managed to do a little double and treble crochet; my tension was all over the place, but this is something that comes with practice I guess.

Golly, gosh, but Hoop is a beautiful shop to browse in.   Situated in Tenterden High Street in the heart of Kent, the shop supplies some very lovely stuff.   There are beautiful yarns, embroidery and tapestry kits/notions,craft books and pretty haberdashery.  It's the kind of place you want to visit without your children and husband so that you can stroke the lully things and spend a lot of some money!

Other workshops include the ongoing Cushion Club for beginner and intermediate knitters.  It's going to take me a little while to get to grips with crochet, but I'm going to practice what I know and go back after the school holidays for another workshop.  What I like about this craft is that you can pretty much do it anywhere and don't need any expensive or bulky equipment.   I'm going to take my hook and some wool on holiday with me, so I can sit on the beach and crochet my current husband a sexy pair of budgie smugglers!

My aim is to get to grips with Granny Squares and produce my very own me-made granny blanket.  I have a couple that I've picked up at charity shops and use them every day.

I purchased a Clover Soft Touch crochet hook from the shop which I found to be a lot more comfortable to use than the regular metal kind and used an odd ball of wool I had knocking around at home.  Annie, a Facebook pal, sells pretty polymer clay handled crochet hooks which are helpful if anyone has arthritis.

Vanessa supplied some tea and jammy dodgers together with a convivial atmosphere.   Oh look, I even found a free pattern for crocheting jammy dodgers at According to Matt's blog!  If you are not lucky to live close enough to attend a workshop at Hoop, you can always try the wonderful crafty web, although I have never managed to pick it up from on-line tutorials.    The Making Spot has lots of inspirational crochet projects to get your creative juices flowing.

For more information on workshops and for lovely crafting supplies you can hop on over to Hoop for all the details.


PS Thank you to Vanessa for allowing me to use images from the Hoop Website (this is NOT a sponsored post; we just like Hoop!)



  1. You should try the knitting too - my sister
    Mandi teaches the knitting classes there. The cushions the knitters make are lovely.
    But hey! one thing at a time I guess: managing a hook and yarn and then managing two needles and yarn may confuse the issue!!
    Happy Hooking x

    1. I would love to try knitting with your sister sometime - I will try to wrestle with crochet for a bit and see how I go. You are a talented family! x


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