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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Cornish Cream Tease

This weeks afternoon tease comes from the  Cornish harbour town of Port Isaac! Cornwall is famous for clotted cream teas and Cornish Pasties. So far, I have indulged in one little pasty on the beach. Yesterday was hot n sunny but the rest of our holiday looks like rain, boo. Never mind, we will have to comfort eat I guess.  On the day we arrived we had a lovely lunch of crab and lobster sandwiches and oysters (oh, and there may have been wine too). Total decadence, but after a long journey and an early start, needs must.  My curly girly has a thing for lobster; much like her daddy, she loves to eat this tasty crustacean.   I hasten to add that this is not a regular thing!  She was a brave girl and tried her first oyster; the jury's out on that one though. 

Sorry there are no pics of tasty scones, but will try to take some photos before we eat them. 

Oh, and of course there is Cornish Rattler Cider.  Compulsory!  




  1. Looks like a fab luncheon! Yum and cider too! Xxx

  2. It all looks so delish! Enjoy :)


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