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Monday, 19 August 2013

Curly Culture Vulture

Curly Culture Vulture

Last week we headed up to London to see Barmy Britain at the Garrick Theatre and really enjoyed the show.  In true Horrible Histories fashion, there were clever little songs, lots of dressing up as famous historical people and oodles of silliness.  The two actors who performed the whole show, were fabulous and I possibly enjoyed it more than my girls did.  I recommend the show to anyone as being good fun, great value for money and short enough for your little ones not to get bored.

A stones throw from the theatre is The National Gallery and the plan was to pop in and have a look at the Impressionist paintings.  Curly Girly had been learning about Van Gogh at school before term ended and this had really sparked her interest in him.  She loved looking at the few Van Gogh pictures exhibited at The National Gallery and came home with a post card of her favourite one to send her teacher.  

It was wonderful to see her so stimulated by art, but sadly these were the only paintings she was interested in and declared loudly that the other paintings were 'boring' and 'rubbish'!

The National Gallery is opposite Trafalgar Square and on the day we visited London there was an invasion of Scottish football fans.  The whole of Trafalgar Square was wall to wall with men in kilts!  I love a man in a kilt, don't you?!  The Scots were in London for the friendly football game against England later in the evening, and were congregating in Trafalgar for some pre-match festivities.  There was a wonderful atmosphere; bagpipes and drums playing, the crowd singing 'Oh Flower of Scotland' and friendly banter.  Bare chested young men climbed into the fountain and straddled the lions and curly girly (who is a wee bit  Scottish) loved being a part of the Celtic throng.

There were genial police officers dotted around, relaxed and joking with the football fans and the whole place was buzzing.

More adventures in London later this week.

TTFN. Galx



  1. Looks like you had a fun trip out; well done for attempting the culture card with the kids! Thanks for linking up with #GetGoodSummer Claire x

    1. Thanks Claire - we will try again with the National Gallery next year x


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