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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A Barmy Trip to London

A Barmy Trip to London!

Giddy Aunt Lola here, reporting for duty in the war against the pit-of-bickering-and-despair!  After our lovely holiday in Cornwall last week, we are back to our strategy for surviving the school summer holidays. 

The big treat for this week is a trip to London to see the Horrible Histories Barmy Britain show.  I bought the tickets back in July through Kids Week.  With every adult ticket purchased, one child goes free; you can then purchase additional tickets at a reduced price.  There are loads of great shows you can see, but you have to be very quick on the day that they are released to get what you want.  It was difficult to find something that both my girls would enjoy, so we chose Horrible Histories as I knew I would enjoy it too.

The train journey into London takes about an hour for us: this may sound long, but as we live in an area where many people do this commute every day (including current husband) then it's not so bad.  Really, children seem to enjoy the train journey as much as the activity waiting at the end.

I bought a one year Family and Friends Railcard for £30 - up to four adults and four kids can travel using the same railcard and get a third off adult fares and 60% off kids fares.  I calculated that I would recoup the cost of the railcard in 2 journeys travelling up with my girls, so for me, it was definitely worth it.

It also means that you can hook up with a friend and they can benefit from the savings and keep you sane on the trip.  Check out the website for restrictions and additional benefits.

If this still seems a bit pricey, you can use £15 of Tesco Reward Vouchers to buy the one year rail card, which I reckon is amazing value.

The theatre tickets for me and the girls came to about £26 in total, so this is not a cheap day out, but by London show prices it's good value.  We will report back and give our verdict on the show; will it be a big thumbs up or an 'Off With their Heads'?!!

I'll leave you with a photo taken from outside my back door; ooh, I feel a song coming on...'those su-hummer ni-hights'!

Cheerio now!  GALx

PS Can you all remember the little rhyme for what happened to each of Henry VIII's wives?! 



  1. Sounds like loads of fun! Our crew enjoys a train ride now and then as well.

    King Henry the 8th, to 6 wives he wedded.
    1 died, 1 divorced
    2 divorced, 2 beheaded


  2. Ah, you have a different version of the rhyme over the pond!
    GAL x

  3. divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded survived. That the one you were thinking of? Here via #mntbc :)

    1. That's the one! Nice to meet you, thanks for visiting.:)


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