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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Giddy Summer Holidays!

Giddy Summer Holidays

I am bracing myself for next week, as my Curly Girly breaks up from school for the
 'The Summer Holidays'!!!  

The very words sound like something from a 50's B- movie and are enough to put terror into the hearts of parents across the country.  Oh, yes of course, I love my children, but that doesn't mean I want to spend every waking moment for 6 whole weeks with them!

This is all fine and dandy for the first few days, but then the novelty wears off and we are left with the gaping void of 5 more weeks to fill.  We usually have a 1 week summer holiday in Cornwall towards the beginning of August but what to do with the rest of the time?  

What we don't want is to be haemorrhaging money and this requires a bit of thought and planning.  I never plan, and last years' summer was a slog, so this year, I need to change tactics.  

No more 'sh'mummy mummy' summer holidays!!'  

Leoarna over at Not Different But Interesting has set an excellent challenge with The Play Agenda.  This involves mapping out how you would like your ideal summer holiday with the kids to be.  It's not cast in stone, but it is giving a framework and pool of ideas to inspire each weeks activities.  She will post weekly on her Play Agenda, and other bloggers will join in and share theirs.  Make sense?  That way we can share our top tips for a thrifty, fun summer that doesn't cost mega bucks.

I'm still working on my Play Agenda but as my tween-age Drama Queen breaks up tomorrow, I had better get a wriggle on and start planning!

Never fear, I shall not be morphing into Super-mum; I shall retain elements of my lovable sh'mummy mummy self.  We will be slobbing about in our jim-jams, but we will also have an agenda to keep us on track and stop us falling into the pit-of-bickering-and-despair.

So, come back at the beginning of next week for my Play Agenda, and let's kick this summer holiday's arse into gear!


PS. Mr Wilf does not have to be coerced into getting on the trampoline - he is a big dog and we often find him on it, admiring the view and generally chilling out! 



  1. Loving the trampolining dog - and great start to your summer of posts hun! Had a great morning scouring charity shops for resources for The Play Agenda yesterday - and thought of you. Not that I picked up any gorgeous bargains for myself, you understand....x

    1. Oooh, looking forward to seeing what you found for your play agenda week - how exciting! GAL x

  2. Your dog is so cute! Looking forward to seeing what activities you get up to! X


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